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Precision parts processing technology to meet the standard of our country

by:Xavier      2020-07-02
Precision machining technology is a key technology of advanced equipment manufacturing, a national industrial precision processing technology, advanced manufacturing equipment manufacturing industry in this country would be very lead. In the past, because our country fall behind of the precision parts processing technology and equipment, to small diameter, high precision and complex shape precision parts processing, seriously influence the relevant technological progress in the field of our country. Since the 1980 s, our country after reform and opening up, the introduction of large quantities of talents and equipment, coupled with over 30 years our country constantly tenacious struggle and the independent innovation of enterprise, has the breakthrough precision machine tool precision motion mechanism design, efficient magnetorheological polishing fluid preparation, ion beam stability control, optical element and the nano precision machining technology such as full spectrum error control, under this background, many years later, the precision machining technology of our country finally broke the developed countries technology blockade of precision machining equipment, make our country after the United States, Germany and Japan fully with independent country of processing various precision parts processing technology. Statistics say, there are now many developed via the Internet or the channel such as foreign trade companies, however, our domestic some precision processing enterprises to help them find outside processing, from which we can see that our domestic precision machining technology is recognized on the world, and has reached the world level. For domestic companies to progress in our happy at the same time, we have to clear a bit, we casually has reached the international standard of high precision processing technology, but a piece of our country to be engaged in business, most of the equipment or the introduction of other developed countries, especially Germany and Japan machine, is the main force of the present our country engaged in precision parts processing industry, so our colleagues in progress is not numb, must be clear about their own situation. We should try to be subject to no one, his hard work. Article released by changzhou editor: / shownews. asp吗? id = 117
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