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Precision parts processing standard _ precision parts processing factory

by:Xavier      2020-03-22
Parts processing is a whole process immediately change the shapes of raw material ( Appearance, specifications, location, character) , making it a semi-finished products processing iron or into the whole process of tea drinking, the whole process of the group known as the production process, is also part of the production process benchmark, high precision machining parts production and processing of the production process is more complex, below by resisting intelligent science and technology, senior engineer for the guys describe precision parts processing production process. Benchmark precision parts processing production process can be in accordance with the different production process is divided into: forging, forging, metal mold, welding, tempering processing, mechanical processing and manufacturing, assembly line this class type. Precision parts processing production process generally refers to all parts of the whole process of nc lathe machining and mechanical equipment assembly line referred to, and other such as eliminating, testing, equipment maintenance management, skeleton seal all this kind of just process auxiliary tool. Drilling way to change the surface characteristics of the processing of the raw materials or semi-finished products, the whole process of group known as the whole process of nc machining process, precision parts processing machinery manufacturing process of nc machining process is you in the whole process in the production process of one more key. Production technology of precision parts processing benchmark below with a detailed description of production technology of CNC precision parts processing benchmark 1, precise positioning base, in the numerical control lathe CNC machine or welding jig for production and processing in the application of precise locating datum. 2, measurement of the benchmark, the benchmark general generation refers to follow as far as possible when in the test specifications, or parts of the specification. 4, the assembly line benchmark, the benchmark guys refers to carry out machining the part of the process when the parts specification. CNC machine tool production process, accurate positioning base is the choice of reasonable management decisions parts quality, can to ensure the accuracy of the parts specifications and position accuracy between each other, and between the various surfaces of the parts production and processing order dispatch often appear very big damage, if use when installing steel welding fixture, precise positioning base of choice will also hurt the complexity of welding fixture structure. This requires welding jig is able to take great cutting dosage, and to consider the accuracy requirement. Therefore, the choice of the precise positioning base is an important production technology difficulty. So when using CNC machine parts, how to choose accurate positioning base? Here are simple explanation: machinery parts processing precision positioning metal electrodes and steel are indispensable to establish precise benchmark, metal electrodes take its benchmark anchor point, so the error of the metal electrode specifications can be fair throughout. Steel can use benchmark functions or benchmark industry base according to the circumstance, to touch the edge of the standard smooth level off as far as possible, especially in deep precision positioning is particularly important when as to the accuracy of the precision positioning error control at least. 5, finishing the whole process of network monitoring finishing, important is to ensure that the steel production and processing of the performance specifications and production and processing cutting tool durability is higher, cutting dosage is quite big. At this time should be the key attention to devolop tumor of damage on the surface of the production and processing, for mold production and processing, also should pay attention to production and processed for a knife around the corner. For solving the above difficulties, one is to pay attention to adjust the position of the cutting fluid flowing, make production and processing surface moment in cooling water standard; Second, pay attention to the concept of clean steel has production and processing surface quality, according to adjust the knives durable, avoid the change of the quality as much as possible. Such as the adjustment is still no obvious expected effect, should standby procuratorial the original program is reasonable. Pay special attention to that in interrupt check or standby check, to pay attention to the position of CNC cutting tools. Such as CNC cutting tools on standby in the drilling process, the sudden spindle ZhuanTing, lead to grain on the surface of the steel. Shall generally be in the numerical control cutting tools left drilling conditions, give full consideration to standby. 6, in order to ensure the production and processing precision, rough and finish machining the best separation. Because when rough machining, large amount of drilling, steel cutting dosage, clamping force, calorific value, as well as the production and processing surface has the significant strain hardening, internal stress, there are a lot of steel if coarse, rough machining, after finishing the parts precision will quickly lack because of the stress field again throughout. For some of the production and processing high precision parts. After rough machining and finish machining before, still should dispatch low temperature heat treatment or aging treatment process steps to eliminate stress.
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