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Precision parts processing requirement for material

by:Xavier      2020-07-08

we all know that the more small parts also to the requirement of machining accuracy is higher, and this kind of high precision parts processing, we also call it the precision parts processing, due to its very high accuracy requirement, so that the performance of the machine and machining precision requirements are appropriate is very high, and also can't use high strength material hardness of the material, this kind of material will increase the difficulty of the processing, if more than the stiffness of the machine tool may even damage the machine. So what are precision parts processing requirement for material? Below small make up to cover for you;

in the machining process of common materials, there are a lot of kinds, but we can be classified as metal and nonmetal, metals generally has the highest hardness is stainless steel, followed by iron, copper, again finally is aluminum. And non-metallic materials, especially in the ceramic and plastic as one of the representative.

1。 First of all, for the hardness of materials, in some applications, of course, is the hardness is higher, the better, but there are certain limits, since the stiffness of the machine tool, the materials they need to processing is not too hard, at least can't hardness is higher than the machine, if hardness is higher than the machine, so sure cannot be processed.

2。 Secondly, not only the degree of hardness and softness of material wants moderate, and at least one lower than the hardness of the parts level, but also for analysis the effect of the processing components, reasonable material selection and then to part. This can guarantee to produce product is most conforms to the requirements and also the most economical.

all in all, precision parts processing time for the selection of material must be also have certain requirements, any material is not suitable for processing, too soft or too hard materials are not feasible. So, you should be careful before processing usually decide material, pay attention to material hardness, high hardness of the material will not only damage parts, and may cause hurt the occurrence of events such as tool fly crack. Ying is a company specializing in precision metal parts processing of high-tech enterprises, the company has 15 years experience in precision parts processing, has more than 30 research and development team, dedicated to provide you with the most cost-effective products and services. Service hotline: 17370846785! ! !

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