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Precision parts processing process _ precision parts processing plant

by:Xavier      2020-04-08
High precision components in actually work against the compressive strength and ductility requirements is relatively high, its work between the performance and life have very big contact surface performance, and the improvement of the performance of the surface, is not simple with the raw material guarantee, is very not practice of economic development, but in fact, the processing of specification, be sure to make its performance to do right now must use technology to solve the surface, this usually can do the wasted effort effect, also obtained fast development trend of the technology in recent years. The abrasive surface solve industry mold polishing technology is a vital stage, is the key processing technology of steel processing way. The surface of the high precision components processing is critical in the whole machining process, so the surface of the high precision components processing have? Most of the prompt, high precision parts of the surface of the grinding tool grinding, polishing a work not only received the processing technological process and the harm of polishing machine, will also suffer the harm of degree of mirror glass raw materials, parts that in today's processing and didn't get enough attaches great importance to, it is showed that the fine polishing itself is suffer from the harm of raw materials. Although nowadays to enhance the surface properties of high precision parts processing technology upgrading, continuous innovation is used in high precision parts processing is the key for the maximum number of YingDeHua membrane accumulation, and nitriding, nitriding technology. Due to the surface of the nitriding technology can get high level performance, and the process technology of nitriding technology with high precision components of steel quenching process has very high on the consistency, and nitriding temperature is very low, so after nitriding technology to solve is not necessarily a violent water cooling process, thus high precision components deformation will be very small, so the nitriding technology are used to strengthen the surface performance on high precision parts processing to choose one of the first technology, is the most common use at present stage.
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