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Precision parts processing prices _ precision CNC processing plants

by:Xavier      2020-03-28
High precision CNC processing the making price? General cost? After the high precision CNC machining workpieces, common problems the following: 1, after the whole batch of workpiece processing, should check tool, cutting tool compensation value, make the program process, reference point web page, to adjust the card sample processing cutting tool, cutting tool compensation value exactly; In the loop when using tool, should be on the instrument against the knife to knife again, reducing the reasonable tool damage to machining harm; 2, removing the tool from the nc cutter, according to adjust the card or procedure process, clear code into a library. Hard disk and processing technology, complete equipment of cutting tool adjusting card into the library; Some 3, removing the jig, jig should record installation position and direction, and make a record and archiving; 4, will the ordinate stopped in the middle parts; 5, such as to standby at this moment, can press on the control panel of snap button switch power supply, a little wait, make the main shaft bearing in the spindle bearing water cooling oil as part of the flow can be automatically switch machine after back. High precision CNC processing new basic theory, a new principle, new assertion, new ways and new technology application in the application of ultra precision machine tools. Basic yuan in recent years, ultra high precision components such as level and structure of the machine bed using some new basic theory, a new principle, new assertion, new methods and new technology application. In the numerical control lathe structure level. In order to improve just degree of ultra precision machine tools, static and dynamic bending rigidity, some of the ultra precision machine tool selection is very unique structure, such as triangular diamond pillar type structure of ultra-precision grinding machine is so huge straight through ( φ400毫米) Heavily sb-doped silicon grinding processing design, change the traditional gantry structure under heavy processing load is very easy to cause back down and the deflection deformation defects. In recent years to choose more playability series numerical control lathe structure, further expand the bending rigidity of nc lathe.
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