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Precision parts processing, precision machinery parts processing, metal mechanical processing

by:Xavier      2020-05-08
Precision parts processing which kind of machine tools are used? Xavier for you to answer a lot of people can't distinguish machining and stamping processing, often looking for the supplier would've picked, so what is the mechanical processing? It is through the machinery and equipment for the appearance of the product and the process of size for processing. Precision parts processing factory of commonly used equipment lathe, milling machine, grinding machine, edm, line cutting, discharge pores, drilling machine, machining center, etc. In the face of some common machine tool to introduce it. Lathe: the lathe is mainly processing axisymmetrical parts, is also the necessary mechanical processing equipment, it provides formation movement during turning machining, cutting power can guarantee the product must have the correct position, fixture, cutting tools, auxiliary movement, too. Rotation is the main movement, lathe tool is linear processing mobile completed lathe feed movement. In hardware mechanical processing enterprises, the lathe is used for rough machining, surface roughness requirement is high, if the parts you need on the grinding machine, or adopt numerical control lathe. When milling machine, milling machine for processing, machine tool cutting technology is milling cutter, milling cutter is rotating, the major sports to products to feed movement, and the scope of what? A plane milling, grooves, the steps, spiral surface and so on. , of course, also can be two or three axis axis linkage machining surface, this belongs to the machining center, precision parts processing, adopt CNC milling machine. Planer: the main feature is the processing line surface appearance, usually high surface roughness not milling machine. Grinding machine: high precision surface processing, can be commonly used abrasive grinding wheel, abrasive belt, abrasive, abrasive materials, widely used in parts processing, high hardness, special non-metallic materials precision parts processing. Main is to give the hole drilling machine, drilling machine, precision machining, the main tool is used in hole drill, reamer, etc. The main movement is rotation knives, along the axial feed movement generally, drilling machine is mainly used for smaller parts processing, precision demand is high hole. Can be finished reaming, reaming, drilling, tapping screw and so on. Boring machine, large diameter and high precision hole processing, large workpiece contour machining. In addition there are many precision hardware machinery processing, such as CNC machining, wire cutting, etc. Here not introduce one by one, like friends can always into shenzhen Xavier's website to look at, Xavier will provide you with precision parts processing, non-standard machinery accessories customized processing, precision clamping fixture processing, etc. More products please click on the link to see http://www for details. 瓦乌。 cn/products_content- 1161454. html
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