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by:Xavier      2020-03-23
At this stage of the mechanical manufacturing, high-grade keep flying over the development trend of high and new science and technology level, change is various, precision machining already is not only the specified as before, many industries are not necessary to simple production and processing to be how much is how much can meets the customer requirements, so that to articulate the precision machining, high precision machining and ultra-precision machining of definition of ultra-precision machining surface generally reflected in the production and processing level, the definition of nc equipment on the surface of the ultra precision machining is what? Together we look at the below analysis: a, what is on the surface of the ultra precision machining: 1, the Superfinish and Microfinish all the implications of ultra precision machining, surface are two different English words to main performance. Superfinish is manufacturing industry market application technology professional vocabulary. Microfinish is Thielenhaus in France ( Ladder Aaron house) Many years ago to apply for registration, the actual meaning of Superfinish a technical professional vocabulary. Two words in Chinese have been translated into superfinishing, no differences in meaning; Here people outside round surface superfinishing as examples, simple and easy to introduce in detail what is superfinishing: 2 and Microfinish Superfinish way is according to the accumulation of production and processing between artifacts and nc blades for identification of fitness. In cutting the production process of cutting chip will immediately be sufficient liquidity cleaning fluid elimination. In turn, makes the abrasive cutting force in Superfinish way able to obtain sufficient use. 3, the Superfinish and Microfinish could improve macro economy and external economy geometry model system ( Roughness and roundness) , the promotion of artifacts on the surface of the support plate rate and reduce the actual load. Can remove mildew layer, surface of workpiece can be applied to the operation in practice and its full strength and load of raw materials, according to it, increase the effective compressive stress in the region of the surface edge and also improved the surface load and improve the artifacts' use. 3, can be applied in Microfinish way different speed ratios, production, processing and special category. The first according to the low speed than strong cutting and quickly remove RuanSu layer. The second step, according to the needs of higher speed than do the final surface. Rate in superfinishing, excluding special category, production and processing results also suffer from the harm of other elements, working pressure and oil storage grain size. 4, for example: the appearance of the engine crankshaft motor shaft precision and to ensure the roughness of the surface RunHua peak valley has relationship immediately. Rolling bearing is nothing but like precision as far as possible do good roughness. Gasoline pump drive gear is about good roughness and surface flatness. 5, the roughness of the top of the mountain and RuanSu layer can in a relatively short time by cutting off. This can do a complete symmetrical surface and according to the surface touch do improvement purpose. Improve, according to the role of different individual elements implications are not always the same. Second, the connotation and the key techniques: the ultra precision machining in lapping love gain technical level in the world leading level, the ultra lapping technology are sometimes referred to as short four stroke honing, fine grinding, polishing and grinding, the market is applied to improve the roughness of the workpiece and the like. General ultra lapping choose abrasive belt, oil stone production and processing artifacts, basically all the raw materials such as steel, porcelain, laminated glass, plastic, etc can choose ultra lapping technology to improve the roughness of the workpiece and the like. Can be processing any high strength, high hardness, high toughness, high brittleness and high purity of conductive materials; Process has no obvious mechanical force, be applicable to the machining and micro structure of low stiffness: pulse parameters can be adjusted according to need, can be on the same machine tools for roughing and semi-finishing and finish machining; After the edm surface rendering pits, is advantageous to the reservoir and reduce noise; The production efficiency is lower than cutting processing; A portion of the energy consumption on the tool electrode discharge process, cause the electrode loss, influence the forming accuracy. In grinding processing, machining process, the workpiece can be magnetized, with weak magnetic, easy adsorption of small sundry, so before assembly, shall make sufficient demagnetization of the workpiece, and acetic acid ethyl ester to clean the surface. : (the assembly process 1) First read understand the assembly drawing, complete all kinds of parts; ( 2) List between components and the assembly sequence; ( 3) Check the dimensional accuracy of parts, clear all cooperate with requirements; ( 4) Equipment required tools, and then to proceed assembly mould; ( 5) To install die set part of the guide pin, guide sleeve, cavity forming block component set is assembled; ( 6) Set of templates and combination punch, concave die, trace to adjust the plate location; ( 7) Open and close mold, check whether actions of mould are reliable. In numerical control lathe machining, such as found that the surface roughness value could not reach the requirements of drawings, should be careful observation and analysis of the affect the performance of the workpiece surface roughness value form and find out the main influence factors, which targeted solutions are put forward. Titanium hao machinery below is a brief introduction of several common form cause low surface roughness and its coping methods:
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