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Precision parts processing, non-standard precision parts processing precision machinery parts processing

by:Xavier      2020-05-09
Non-standard precision parts processing process have? In non-standard precision parts processing, suppliers generally carried out in accordance with the or to clients' drawings or engineering review and quotation, and prepare the process by the technical engineers, the production department is responsible for the materials they need to purchase process, the special cutting tools, tools, jigs, production agent according to the drawings and materials with good, according to process arrange machining process. So non-standard precision parts processing technology in the first is to check the material specifications whether meet the requirements of the drawings, some need grinding machine processing technology to set aside a portion of their feet, tapping, hardening, grinding machine, line cutting, edm, inside and outside circular grinding, wire walking, surface treatment, QA and so on. In every step of the process to meet the requirements of the drawings, and then release into the next process QA inspection procedure, inspection unqualified should be back in time, not only to ensure the efficiency but also pay attention to professional quality. In non-standard precision parts processing, a parts usually consists of multiple surface, the surface processing is generally need in stages. When arranging order precision machinery parts processing, should be set up on the surface of the rough machining, according to need to arrange in turn among semi-finishing, then arrange finishing and light the whole processing. For high accuracy requirement of the workpiece, in order to reduce the influence of deformation caused by rough machining to finish machining, rough and finish machining usually should not be continued, and in every stage, the appropriate time interval. Parts of the main surface is generally the surface of the processing precision and surface quality request is higher, their processing quality had a great influence on the quality of parts, the machining process is often more, so should be arranged on the surface of the main processing, and other surface processing appropriate to arrange alternate between among them. Assembly base level, the working surface is considered the main surface, and the keyway, the light of the fastener hole and screw hole as a secondary surface. Above information focused by 15 years tooling clamp fixture, non-standard precision parts processing Xavier provide mechanical and electrical equipment company. More information please click the link for http://www. 瓦乌。 cn/dgweb- 95013. html
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