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by:Xavier      2020-05-09
Factors influencing the quality of precision machining you know normally, precision machining, quality of surface, which is very directly affects the performance of most products, especially the product reliability and working life, for this reason we should how to solve? Any machining of parts surface, is not so perfect, we think it can be as much as possible to avoid in the process of machining, at least is considerable. Study of mechanical parts processing surface quality and its influencing factors, grasp the change law of these two points for mechanical processing industry is the important, to improve the machining surface quality and product performance is of great significance, also has the effect of surface quality. The influence of wear resistance of the surface quality. The wear resistance of the main parts and materials, heat treatment condition and lubrication of the friction pair. Established under the condition of the case, the parts surface quality will play a decisive role in the wear process of the parts, usually three stages: beginning work, wear is more noticeable, called the initial stage of wear. Second, the wear is intermediate, and advanced stage. It is well known that interaction between two surfaces in relative motion, as friction consumes a lot of useful energy, around a third in the world of the energy consumed is useless friction. One of the leading causes of formation of frictional resistance is due to the precision mechanical product surface is rough. The more rough surface, the greater the friction coefficient, wear phenomenon is more serious. Shenzhen machinery factory is most do. The influence of the machining surface quality. Surface quality is refers to the mechanical parts processing its surface shape, after processing the surface of the geometry error, affects the physical properties and chemical properties of the metal surface, the surface quality of workpiece quality is measured by it's about the size of the roughness of the surface. Shenzhen mechanical processing surface quality and almost error is small, the surface roughness is refers to the processing surface with smaller spacing and peak valley of microcosmic geometry features. The surface of the product abrasion resistance, fatigue strength, corrosion resistance, contact stiffness and so on has a great influence on the performance. The above information is derived from the hardware machinery processing factory Xavier company in shenzhen
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