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_ precision parts processing factory precision parts processing requirements

by:Xavier      2020-03-21
High precision parts processing rules is what? For high precision parts, machining is very harsh, the whole process of knife, knife, etc. Special provisions for size, precision, such as 1 mm is negative is how many microns, if size is too communication into extravagance and waste, then it is equivalent to processing again, time and energy, and even the whole processing of raw materials are sometimes be subscription fee, this causes costs rise, parts without no doubt. For high precision parts processing is the key size, how much money such as diameter, with strict management, in the range of requirements is negative error is qualified parts, otherwise not qualified parts; Length and the total width and practical management strictly, is negative error is also required, such as embedded cylinder ( Very simple, for example, the basic building block of) , if the diameter is too large, beyond the allowable error categories, causes, not easy to plug into, if the diameter is too small, beyond the negative limit of allowable error, can cause into is too loose, it is not easy to appear solid problem. This are all substandard goods, or the hydraulic cylinder is too long or too short, over the edge of the error, are all substandard goods, to the subscription fee, or repair, which will inevitably cause the cost increase. The high precision parts processing, is the most critical dimension problem, be sure to strictly carry out additional processing of engineering drawings, engineering drawings of specific size there is no doubt that it is not easy to as same as the basic theory of engineering drawing size, but if the processing size within the error range is qualified parts, therefore, high precision parts processing rules strictly carry out the basic theory of the size of the processing. However excellent high precision parts processing machinery, equipment and testing instruments, excellent machining high precision parts processing machinery and equipment is simple and has higher precision and stronger practical effect. Testing equipment can be detected is not in conformity with the provisions of the parts, can make whole precision components products real consider customer's regulations and requirements.
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