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_ precision parts processing factory in precision parts processing processes

by:Xavier      2020-03-23
Each processing way, all has its processing sequence, the people's actual operation staff, must according to its processing order to carry out processing, and can't behave in such a way, in order to do the processing of goods, cause certain harm, or is the product quality problem, precision machinery processing is in one of the, so precision machinery parts processing order into which, below let net weaving to say to people. One, detailed the layout of the parts processing time should be according to the structure of parts and MAO embryo status, and its positioning clamping requirements to think, most important is the rigidity of the steel is not damaged. 1, on the whole process can not be harm of positioning and clamping of next working procedure, right in the middle a job has detailed parts processing process of commonality and comprehensive thinking. 2, first within the end wall processing sequence, after the termination of exterior design. 3, in the same orientation, clamping method or the same knife machining process is best butt end, in order to reduce the positioning frequency, tool change frequency and move bending machine frequency. Shenzhen mechanical equipment processing and 4, at the same time end in the multi-channel working procedure, to the layout of steel stiffness damage small process. 2, CNC blade concentrated tumble sequence method: that is to say according to the commonly used CNC blade regionalization process, using the same numerical control blade all can be part of the finished parts. With the first ErBaDao, they can be other parts of the third. That can reduce tool change frequency, tighten idle time, no need to reduce the positioning of the deviation. Three, by the method of machining parts points sequence: the processing content many parts, according to its structure feature several part of share out bonus of machining part, such as shape, appearance design, surface or within the floor plan, etc. General processing plan, locating surface first, after processing hole; Processing simple geometry appearance design, and then processing complex geometry appearance design; Low precision machining parts, and then appealed to the higher machining precision parts. 1, the processing process monitoring roughing main consideration is extra allowance for quick removal on the surface of the workpiece. In the process of automatic processing machine tool, according to the set of cutting parameter, cutting tool according to the predetermined cutting trajectory automatic cutting. When the operator should be paid attention to by observation of cutting load table automatic processing in the process of cutting load changes, according to the strength of the cutting tool state, adjust the cutting dosage, exert the maximum efficiency of machine tool.
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