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Precision parts processing error _ precision parts processing factory

by:Xavier      2020-03-22
After machining accuracy is refers to the mechanical processing and manufacturing, steel main parameters geometry ( Specification, the appearance of the geometry factors and each parts and contour level of external economic rugged, etc. ) In fact value is consistent with the design ideal value. Processing error is actually geometry of main parameters on its design ideal value migration levels, machining error is smaller, the higher the precision. Mechanical processing and manufacturing key has the following several kinds of error. 1, specification error: steel processing actually specifications of idealized specifications after migration. Idealized specification is shown on the drawings of larger, at least two limit specifications of average, namely the base value of the standard tolerance zone. 2, like error: refers to the processed steel, in fact, the difference of surface appearance to the idealized way ( Or offset level) , such as roundness, parallelism, etc. 3, position error: refers to the processed steel surface, the centerline or symmetry, the middle of the floor plan of the difference of each parts for their idealized parts ( Or offset level) , such as parallel, position, degrees, etc. 3, surface roughness external economy: after processing the steel surface is made up of smaller intervals and peak valley of external economic geometry error. External economic steel surface roughness expressed in identification of parameters of roughness. Processing error is one of the many by the processing system software caused by the factors of error. Such as the basic principle of error processing way, steel card precise positioning error, the manufacture error of the jig, nc blades and damaged, CNC lathe manufacturing, installation error and damage, numerical control lathe, numerical control error of the blade, the pressure of the whole drilling process, encounter heat deformation and friction vibration, also have hair embryo geometry error and the processing of the measurement deviation, etc. Application of cutting fluid is required for a numerical control lathe in machining the characteristics of the decision immediately the precision of the workpiece, the characteristics of cutting fluid can RunHua from physics to organic chemistry RunHua broadly stable workpiece and CNC blade show reasonable safety protective effect, reduce the CNC blade damage, greatly improve the workpiece machining accuracy. The characteristics of cutting fluid is considering machining process must be immediately decision the error precision of the workpiece, such as used cooking oil, machine oil, oil etc. The special product for cutting fluid application will be CNC blade damage faster, workpiece scratch marks, such as machinery and equipment up the yellow robe corrosion problems. CNC precision parts processing, workpiece drilling capacity is big, hot drilling, cutting speed, clamping force is big, MAO embryo itself have the stress concentration and stress concentration after mechanical processing manufacturing will all over again, will cause a lot of workpiece deformation. Division after mechanical processing manufacturing, error and deformation caused by pretreating, according to the half depth processing and deep processing to give correct, and significantly improve process performance and precision of mechanical equipment processing parts. In order to ensure precision parts processing precision, coarse and fine mechanical parts processing is the best separation. Due to coarse machinery parts processing, large amount of drilling, cutting speed, workpiece clamping force is big, calorific value, and its mechanical parts processing surface has the obvious cold work hardening condition, workpiece internal stock has a lot of stress concentration, if coarse, coarse machinery parts processing continued, after deep processing precision of parts will rapidly due to stress again all over. CNC precision parts processing rules to choose good stiffness, high efficiency and low accuracy of CNC numerical control lathe processing, deep processing, high precision CNC machining CNC lathe. Division after processing, can prevent 'capable of coarse, can be enough to give full play to the characteristics of the hydraulic lock hole machine, could increase. CNC precision parts processing key parts have essence cars, milling, boring, fine buffing and grinding processing, machinery parts processing manufacturer more choose this way of processing technology and processing. Precision parts processing and do not necessarily raw materials can be carry out precision machining, part of the raw material strength is very big, exceeded the strength of the processing equipment parts, you may put parts collapse, so this kind of raw material is not suitable for mechanical parts processing, otherwise is made of materials, parts, or optical fiber laser cutting. In precision parts processing and processing circuit, quenched and tempered treatment process often assigned. Tempering treatment process of distribution of the following: to improve drilling of metal materials processing characteristics, such as quenching, quenching, heat treatment, general distribution carried out in front of the mechanical parts processing. First, what is the precision parts processing, it is actually a kind of mechanical processing and manufacturing, but relatively high precision, for manufacturing machinery and equipment and steps is relatively high. With the development trend of modernization, a lot of machinery parts processing, bearing more and more thin, more and more systematic.
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