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Precision parts processing and how to realize the automation

by:Xavier      2020-07-08

the quality of automation degree determines the development of processing industry, now most of the processing of metal parts can be automated or semi-automated production, production automation to produce parts of its quality is stable and reliable, and for quality requirements higher precision parts, realize the automation production more necessary, so precision parts processing how to realize the automation? Answers below by the creator in precision parts processing industry for everyone:

is the use of numerical control lathe machining precision parts processing, also known as the nc machining, CNC machining and common machine tool the biggest difference is the nc machining all action is conducted through the design program to control in advance.

in the whole domestic precision parts processing under the pull of market demand, the domestic machine tool manufacturing industry demand will inevitably will continue rapid growth, its growth rate has reached 37. 4%, becoming the fastest growing machine tool of all. Countries have invested heavily in the field to support industry growth, is not only the development of CNC machine tool quickly, numerical control system of domestic manufacturers also got very good opportunities, has made great progress.

the current domestic market of hundreds of precision parts processing equipment production enterprise, respectively from the two different systems, one is a lot of the original state ownership enterprise through restructuring the original many business separation, the establishment of independent machinery manufacturing company; The second is that many components by some private enterprises, professional and technical personnel together to form the present domestic machine tool manufacturing industry.

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