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Precision mold processing accessories, discussion

by:Xavier      2020-05-09
Precision die parts processing, discussion with the rapid development of industry, the mould demand continues to grow, at the same time in non-standard parts processing enterprises, enterprises generally not the production process of precision mold processing accessories do mass arrangements, because they are processing different precision die parts processing, factory configuration, cost, market demand are not allowed in bulk production. Proprietary mold fittings is referring to the mold industry for stamping mould, plastic mould or the floorboard of the metal parts of automation equipment. So in the precision machining precision mold fittings what? Metal stamping die parts are, such as H straight blade forming punch, type A secondary punch, punch, type B, type K sprout punch punch, type A lash punch, punch, concave die, bushing, high speed steel round bar, utrasmall particle tungsten steel round bar, powder high speed steel round bar, lifting pin, pin, screw, positioning pin (to stop Fixed pin) , such as sleeve, guide pin, guide sleeve, precision grade chrome plated guide pillar, the precision grade copper titanium alloy guide bush, self-lubricating guide bush, afferent column components, mold base with sliding guide pin components, mold base with ball guide pin components, can be disassembled ball guide pin component, guide pin components, steel ball sets, the independent guide column, hexagon screws, such as screws, etc. All kinds of non-standard precision die parts processing, companies are also seeking to market competitiveness, in the mechanical processing factory has rich experience in processing and adept skills, can use all kinds of different methods such as metal cutting, edm, line cutting, and so on method in precision mold processing accessories is with the new machine tool equipment, numerical control programming. In accordance with requirements of the process chain, process specification, geometry size, surface integrity, workpiece materials and their properties, machine specifications and processing conditions to select the optimal processing. For precision mold parts machining has brought new ideas and solutions. In order to improve the production of precision die parts processing efficiency and processing quality, mechanical processing factory to advanced technology and innovation and the use of precision processing equipment, strict quality control. Shenzhen Xavier has 15 years of experience in precision machining, strict quality control, workpiece full inspection, quality guaranteed. Please click on the links to view the http://www more mold parts. 瓦乌。 cn/products- 155089 - 195992 - 0. html
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