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Precision metal processing surface roughness is how to control?

by:Xavier      2020-05-15
Precision metal processing surface roughness is how to control? With the progress of science and technology and the development of the society, people for precision machining product performance, quality is higher and higher demands are proposed, such as performance and quality of the products is determined by the design of the product, and by manufacturing precision metal processing and assembly quality assurance, the quality includes two aspects of machining accuracy and surface quality. Precision machinery parts processing surface quality is one of important index of its performance, especially under the condition of high speed, high temperature and high pressure parts reliability has great influence. Processing surface is through precision machining method or other change on the surface of the blank size, shape and performance, make it meet the requirements of design drawings, but after turning precision machinery parts processing cylindrical surface, which is formed by the surface is not quite ideal. After the processing parts formed a thin surface layer on the surface, its features and characteristics of the internal matrix are very different. Precision metal processing, surface in the whole cutting process in wedging, extrusion, fault and complex stress state, the friction of the elastic and plastic deformation, the cutting force, cutting heat and the surrounding medium, under the function of changing the original geometric features and physical and mechanical properties of workpiece surface. Therefore, the use of 'surface quality' to evaluate surface geometry of the processed parts, physical, chemical or other engineering technical requirements in line with the degree of performance and parts. Of the main content is divided into the following several aspects. Surface roughness: precision precision metal processing with small spacing on the surface of the peak valley of microcosmic geometry features. It is the main precision machining of cutting tool, formed by the trajectory of the wave height and the ratio of wavelength is generally greater than 1:50 surface waviness: between macroscopic geometric error and surface roughness in the middle of the geometry error. It is mainly caused by the deviations and the vibration of the cutting tool, the wave height and the ratio of wavelength to 1:50 to the latter. The main direction of surface texture processing: surface microstructure. It depends on the surface precision machining methods, namely the relationship between the main motion and feed motion. Scar: precision metal processing surface defects, some individual positions they mostly random distribution, such as burr, cracks and scratches. + physical and mechanical properties of the surface: in the process of precision machinery parts processing, on the surface of the parts has a variety of complex physical and chemical changes, caused the change of the physical and mechanical properties of surface layer, mainly including the following three aspects: the content of the surface layer strain hardening, the change of the microstructure of surface layer, the residual stress of surface layer. Surface quality for parts using performance: the influence of the geometrical characteristics of the surface quality reflects a must and physical and mechanical properties of surface layer, it for precision wearability of precision metal processing, cooperate with quality, fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance and contact stiffness aspects of the use of performance has great influence. The service life of precision five depends largely on the wear resistance of parts. Parts of wear resistance and friction pair material, working environment, lubrication condition and surface quality of the parts. In the case of other conditions, the surface of the parts quality plays a very important role. More information please click the link for http://www. 瓦乌。 cn/products- 155088 - 0 - 0. html
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