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Precision metal parts processing steps _ precision CNC processing plants

by:Xavier      2020-04-06
Machinery factory in shenzhen helpful hints to follow the actual operating standards, do not violate standards, common faults and shall cooperate with each other repair work personnel of maintenance, the power went out immediately, maintenance report for production and processing on the spot, against all adverse effects, as a result of actual operating standards, by various all adverse effects. Together we look at the hardware configuration to solve the following process. Precision metal parts processing steps, the following is a precision CNC processing factory many years experience in senior engineer. All hire member before into the post to examine their own clothes, in order to make clear whether accord with standard work. No harm of sandals, high heels and safety coefficient of clothing, long straight hair can wear safety helmet. Work to maintain proper posture, and the spirit world. When you felt sick, immediately leave work, report to the leading cadres. Actual operation, to centralize the idea, prohibit communication, collaboration, operators do not get angry in exhaustion cases actual operation, to prevent accidents and ensure operation safety. Work in the equipment first, exercise part of the inspection equipment is equipped with grease, then starting and examine the clutch, the brake system is normal, is a 1 - to aviation equipment 3 minutes. When changing a grinding tool, power outages, first stop high-speed punch press before grinding tool installation and adjustment unit of fitness. Adjusted installation, use manual type 2 times to move the pump flywheel, effective inspection abrasive is symmetry, extruder screw compressive strength, and in the effective parts. Only in all other staff leave mechanical equipment work area and eliminate remains on working table, to open the power supply. After starting equipment, raw materials delivery by one man, equipment operation by one man, all the others not according to the electric drive or foot pedal switch board, not to mention in the mechanical equipment in the work area or moving part of the hand touch device. Mechanical equipment work, it is strictly prohibited to hand in the guide rail slider work area, and it is strictly prohibited to handmade remove steel. Removed and placed in the stamping die steel, be sure to application specification special tools. If the equipment abnormal noise or common faults, should first turn off the power master switch to carry out the inspection. When production on CNC machining, should turn off unused switch power supply, distribution of finished products, raw materials and miscellaneous items, ensure the safety office environment clean.
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