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Precision metal parts processing process need to pay attention to matters of _ precision parts processing factory

by:Xavier      2020-04-06
Precision metal parts processing the matters need to pay attention to the whole process! In precision parts processing, will appear the following problems and preventive measures. Operators should maintain proper posture, with plenty of spirit to solve work, actual operation must be centralized, ban son, cooperate with each other, the operators shall in the absence of mind, fatigue under the condition of actual operation, so that life safety, prevent accidents and ensure operation safety. All worker before into the job, must check the clothes pants to consider work standards. Wear sandals, high heels and safety hazard clothes pants, long straight hair to be sending a helmet. Check whether motor parts in the mechanical equipment position before filling grease, then began to examine the clutch, the brake system is all normal, and equipment in the actual operation 1 - gas 3 minutes, when the device no common faults. When you start the power starting equipment, other staff must leave equipment work area, before starting to mixed type of raw materials on the work table. Hardware precision machinery processing machinery work, not reached into the guide rail slider work area, strict according to handmade selection and placement of steel. In the hardware mold, steel must adopt and in the application specification special tools. If found equipment abnormal noise or common faults, should first turn off the power master switch, convenient for inspection. Mechanical equipment operation, all the people can not be a raw materials and machinery of the actual operation, so that the safety of others, according to the electric power engineering buildings or foot pedal switch board, not to press the hand by hand into mechanical equipment fitness movement part of the work area and equipment. When abrasive conversion, first turn off the switch power supply, stamping die fitness after the termination of motor unit, the grinding tool can be installed to adjust. Install an adjusted, hand-held pump flywheel do 2 times detection, in order to prevent the equipment and to manufacturing goods in the middle of the collision, excess about mould is important to examine symmetry, rationalization, extruder screw compression strength, working pressure edge in effective parts.
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