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Precision mechanical hardware parts processing testing equipment three yuan

by:Xavier      2020-05-15
Precision mechanical hardware parts processing testing equipment three yuan introduced as we know, precision hardware parts processing equipment requires a machining center, edm, wire cutting, such as finishing machine, parts of the inspection and quality control of important process, in addition to some common detection tools, in order to meet customer requirements of the precision, we also need to have sophisticated testing equipment. Xavier mechanical and electrical company is committed to precision hardware parts processing, fixture fixture processing for 15 years, we all parts processing after full inspection, bought three yuan, 2. Five yuan, precision equipment, such as height gauge. In the center of the parts processing process, also need to go to the quality inspection department, the measurement of size, to ensure that every link can control very well. In this paper, mainly of three yuan a simple knowledge. Three yuan, also called three coordinate measuring machine, it is the basic principle of precision machinery parts to be tested in which allows the measurement range, accurately measure points on the surface of the parts to be tested in the space of three coordinates numerical, these values through computer processing, the coordinates of point fitting form measuring elements, such as round, ball, cylindrical, cone and curved surface and so on, through mathematical calculation method of the shape and position tolerance and other geometrical quantity data, ensure the accuracy of precision metal parts processing from the page. Three coordinate measuring machine with relative workpiece moving through the probe system, detection point 3 d coordinate measuring system of workpiece surface. Through the measured object under three coordinate measuring machine measurement space, the use of contact or non-contact detection system for coordinates of each point on the object to be tested according to the points of spatial coordinates, by the software for mathematics, the geometric size and shape of under test, location. Therefore, coordinate measuring machine was characterized by high precision, high efficiency and universal, for high quality request, all shapes of curve surface precision metal parts processing, is to complete their geometric measurement and quality control of ideal solution for http://www. 瓦乌。 cn/products- 155088 - 0 - 0. html
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