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Precision machining what are the advantages of the _ precision CNC processing factory

by:Xavier      2020-03-24
Precision machining in category, there are also in the actual effect, high efficiency top is relatively good, and the rights and interests of technical processing manufacturers to bring is big also, development of the road will be more smooth, expand the category, the wider sales market, the development of interior space is big, people today is to grasp the benefits of the precision machining! ! Precision machining, precision machinery processing manufacturing industry development is how to? First, many components itself has some not enough, for example, some appearance on rules, some application fields have certain limit, in other words, the component itself is full of deposit has some shortcomings, in the process of application will be for our industrial production bring certain difficulties and inconvenience, after precision machining of components can be very good to get rid of this kind of problem, and mining parts of different use value in itself. Precision machining, precision machinery processing manufacturing industry development is how to many small and medium-sized parts must be assembled, so the precision machinery parts processing manufacturer will be carried out to the requirement of such reprocessing, all sorts of different parts processing after the people can get more suitable their parts, so as soon as possible so that you can make this product for yourself and services, so the precision machining for food and clothing live line and manufacturing with the vital practical significance. Precision machining, precision machinery processing manufacturing industry development is how to? Hardware machinery spare parts and surfaces or appearance design of some relative regulations, also will use the steel for processing. For parts in the process, generally based on high precision drilling, grinding and other practical operation, etc. Often can let these rare metal raw materials made of parts surface must be smooth surface, for example, people often say that mirror glass actual effect. Mechanical parts manufacturing after process after the processing of parts design structure can do engineering drawings size tolerance, can very good deal with industrial production have some problems. Ensure parts processing surface relative to the machining surface has a certain position accuracy principle - — Have not processed parts processing surface machined surface should not act as a benchmark crude. When there are multiple, should choose and machining surface machined surface relative position precision relatively high not as crude benchmark the principle of reasonable distribution of machining allowance -- — Important surface machining allowance even consider from guarantee, should choose crude benchmark important surface for the clamping principle - — In order to make the workpiece clamping is stable, reliable positioning, thick base as smooth as possible, there can be no flash, gate and other defects. Crude benchmark must not be repeated use commonly principles - — On the direction of the same size usually only allowed to use a crude benchmark. When finishing, should to ensure the machining accuracy and surface quality of parts is given priority to, also want to consider the knives' service life and higher productivity. Adopt the method of gradually reducing cutting depth to gradually improve the machining precision, the size of the feed mainly selected according to the requirements of surface roughness. Requirements for accuracy and surface roughness of a high precision boring, king kong is commonly used in boring machine, and adopts hard alloy, diamond and cubic boron nitride superhard material tool, choose a small feeding ( 0. 02 ~ 0. 8 mm/roll) And cutting depth ( 0. 05 ~ 0. 1 mm) Higher than that of ordinary boring cutting speed. Precision boring machining precision can reach IT7 ~ 6, the surface roughness of Ra0. 63-0. 8 microns. Precast precision boring before go through rough boring hole, half fine boring and fine boring process, leave a thin and uniform for precision boring machining allowance. Machining accuracy from the above, we can also clearly see that, compared with the previous processing equipment such as lathe, milling machine, planer, grinding machine can achieve higher accuracy and surface roughness, the behavior of the tolerance so in many parts of finishing process, grinding machine is widely and commonly used. The machining accuracy and more than 0. 1 micron ultra precision machining. In the aerospace industry, precision machining is mainly used for processing craft control equipment of precision machinery parts, such as hydraulic and pneumatic servo precision of matching, the framework of gyroscope, shell, air flotation, fluid bearing components and float, etc. Small craft precision parts of complex structure, stiffness, require high precision, and larger proportion of difficult-to-machine materials. Precision machining process effect is: (1) parts of geometric shape and position precision of micron or Angle of second level; (2) the limits of parts or features size tolerance in micron; (3) parts surface micro roughness ( Average surface roughness height difference) Less than zero. 1 Micron; (4) mutual parts can satisfy the requirement of combining ability; 5 parts can meet the requirements of precision mechanical or other physical properties, such as float gyroscope torsion bar of the stiffness coefficient of torsional rigidity, flexible components, etc.
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