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Precision machining technology of the mechanical manufacturing process

by:Xavier      2020-05-26
1 mechanical manufacturing technology of precision machining technology. Precision cutting technology at present, in the process of mechanical manufacturing, still using the technology of previous high precision machining. At this stage, if the use of precision cutting technology to improve the mechanical surface smoothness, you will need to conform to the precision cutting technology of cutting tool, machine tool and the workpiece, such as equipment, to avoid an adverse impact. For example, when using machine precision machining, the choice of a reasonable level of rigidity to achieve precision processing, at the same time also need good control of the thermal deformation and vibration resistance performance. Are needed to reach the standard, when processing products with the following four high-tech technology, these four are precision positioning technology, micro feed technology, pressure hydrostatic bearing technology and precision control technology. In addition, in the process of precision machining, can also corresponding increase the speed of spindle rotation, so that we can improve the precision of processed products to a certain extent effect. 2. Precision grinding precision grinding technology is often used in processing of the integrated circuit components in this field, and most of the components of integrated circuit is small. During the processing of silicon, for example, there is must be 1 2 mm between the specific requirements. In precision grinding technology does not contain this feature, and modern precision grinding technology such as polishing technology can meet the specific requirements. At present, the rapid development of economy in our country and the continuous improvement of scientific and technological level, elastic emission and the use of processing fluid produces chemical reaction, such as modern precision grinding technology has been developed. 3. Microfabrication technology in recent years, our country, the majority of the machining intelligent electronic components are moving in the direction of development, and on the size, weight and speed has been greatly improved and optimized, in the past more rugged machinery manufacturing processing technology can not satisfy the current demands for electronic components processing, and the current of microfabrication technology is just can meet this need. Internationally if scientific and effective means of ultrafine ion technology to processing, semiconductor, its precision can reach hundreds of Egypt, which fully embodies the fine processing technology of this kind of highly efficient level. 4. Molding technology at present, for cars, planes and other products, mechanical processing part of product components manufacturing are from mold processing. Molding technology of the key lies in the increase in the process of mould processing precision, it can also give full expression to the manufacturing level of a country is in what position. In the process of machining using electrochemical machining process not only can reach micron level of precision mould, also can avoid the quality problems in the product surface.
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