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Precision machining technology of cylindrical lens parts

by:Xavier      2020-05-15
Precision machining cylindrical lens parts process cylinder lens now generally appear in the digital camera, mobile phone camera, projector and other optical products, these are all important mechanism parts of products, also on other digital products has been widely used. Not only to the digital industry, medical industry will also be applied to. Mechanical processing factory in shenzhen, will be in the process of cutting, due to the effect of radial cutting force and cutting heat parts uneven expansion of the parts, cause a deformation of the parts of weak link in, ultimately reflects on the machining precision, such as roundness. For the need to focus the spear tube 糢 group, its the slot above precision directly affects its focus, so that this is the tube, there are two technical key points: the accuracy of roundness and grooves. Two particularly important: roundness accuracy is achieved on the lathe and machining center after remain roundness. The main process of machining center was briefly introduced here. Aluminum is subject to processing materials, but in order to avoid the process of cutting force impact on the roundness of the parts, precision machining processing in the process of feeding cannot too big, can not be ignored the control in pursuit of efficiency. When finishing and chamfering processing, to convey Shen dao and feed rate must be good control, light fast to convey cutting can achieve good appearance. First of all, the clamping way adopts screw tire, in the form of inner hole before, first, making a hole in the side car diao tip, similar to the thread slot cutter tip, first to release the part to cut off the stress; Cut surface, in the final cut stress will decrease relatively, precision machining workpiece deformation is small. Mirror Jane parts only similar to the technical requirements, namely, inner hole, in addition to the size have requirements, also requires the alignment, giant length direction also have size requirements. When combined with different parts, a clamping can car with Jane's lens and hole, to ensure that its alignment, cut off the way of improvement. , due to the different production scale and the order of shenzhen machinery manufacturers for the same process synthesis may have many solutions. Shall, according to from body condition, optimization of parts machining technology could produce significant technical and economic benefits. Deformation of the workpiece is small, the clamping is resolved. Using this method of the clamping, the workpiece deformation fort roughly greatly improved the quality of workpiece. Xavier focus precision parts processing, fixture for 16 years, has a unique processing technology and the technical level of the cutting, completely according to the figure, provide one-stop service, once by the unique processing technology and the technical level of the cutting won Japanese, American, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan enterprises, etc.
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