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Precision machining process _ precision machinery factory

by:Xavier      2020-03-24
Precision machining technology is big, hazard factor, wide coverage, compressive strength, project investment commodity individualization is strong, its theme has the following several aspects: 1, the processing of raw materials: precision machining of the raw materials processed in the composition, physical properties of physics, organic chemistry, properties, processing performance has the strict management, should be symmetrical color, stable performance, the outside world no macroeconomic internal and external economic weakness. Is performance of processed raw materials can obtain precision machining target. 2, production equipment and technology, precision machining needs to have high precision, high stiffness, high reliability and automation of machine tools, relative diamond blade, the cubic meters of nitriding and CNC blade, diamond grinding wheel, cubic meters of nitriding and sand wheel, and relatively high precision, high stiffness jig processing technology such as weapons and equipment, to ensure the processing quality. Precision machining should be the first to consider to have the relative accuracy of precision mechanical processing machine tools, many of the precision machinery processing usually in production ultra-precision machine at first. And equipped with need CNC blade. At present, the series products of commonality of precision mechanical processing machine tools, large quantities of also is not easy. Precision machinery and equipment of the engineering machine engineering cost is very high, need to order, if the existing precision machining is not on the machine can meet the requirements. According to processing technology countermeasures or deviation compensation to improve the machining accuracy. 3, test: precision machining must have relative nondestructive testing technology, produce processing and integration test. For precision machining inspection there are three kinds of methods: offline download test, power test and online monitoring. Offline download after inspection is refers to the process, the steel to the testing laboratory to test; Under test is not uninstalled after steel pieces on the machine tool processing, on-site to carry out the inspection, if find what problem, is conducive to start processing; On-line monitoring is in the process of production to carry out the inspection, can facilitate positive manipulation and implement daily dynamic bias compensation. Error compensation is the key to improve machining accuracy countermeasures, is in the machine tool manufacturing precision has been basically achieve a certain level. Separating out the harm deviation, deviation compensation device is used to error compensation. In which the static data deviation compensation is based on the error of the side, when processing according to the hardware devices or mobile phone software to carry out the compensation, such as silk tooth pitch deviation of machine tool transmission system can be adjusted according to the ruler in order to develop compensation; Daily dynamic bias compensation is basically, line monitoring in the process to carry out the real-time compensation. Precision machining of online monitoring compensation is to maintain quality commitment to precision machining technical core technology. The nondestructive testing technology in precision machining of content, and the use of automatic measurement method, can make the operators in a timely manner to deal with the shortage of steel and feedback to the CNC machine. 4, in the mechanical processing of each process, always on the process system to adjust the work of one kind or another. Due to the adjustment could not be absolutely accurate, making adjustment error. In the process system, workpiece and tool based on the location of each other in the machine tool accuracy, is by adjusting the machine tool, cutting tool, jig or artifacts to guarantee. When the machine tool, cutting tool, fixture and workpiece blank the original precision meet the process requirements without considering dynamic factors, adjust the error of machining error play a decisive role.
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