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Precision machining precision CNC processing plant equipment parts processing precision non-standard parts

by:Xavier      2020-05-14
Xavier precision machinery processing factory second Blackpool today in place you know? Xavier precision machinery processing factory of the year 2018 was destined to be over Xavier was established in early 2018 goals and strategic direction. For the realization of the 2018 'target' and 'strategic planning', Xavier fully preparation, practical and effective action ( Such as: new machinery and equipment, amplification, layout of the production workshop division) 。 Recently, Xavier precision machinery processing factory tell you signed a contract to purchase the new CNC machining equipment, 2 sets new CNC machining equipment and the first on March 6, 2018, reach the designated position, today we have the second new CNC machining equipment is in place, let me introduce it to you the following: Akira - Seiki( The American express precision machine) SR3XP high-speed processing equipment, is introduced as follows: the Item number Category equipment Brand Brand Type, Type of Travel ( 毫米) Trip ( 毫米) Quantity number ( 集) Spindle speed range Spindle speed range 1 CNC ( Machining center) 阿基拉- Seiki( The American express precision machine) 762 x410x460212000 SR3XP vertical machining center ( rpm) Xavier precision mechanical processing plants, new purchase and upgrade the scale of production capacity will be fully expand market share both at home and abroad, in order to achieve the strategic planning goals in 2018 is a solid step. Xavier here also want to tell you: in 2018, will increase new precision machining equipment, including cars, milling, grinding, testing instruments, material cutting machine, etc. , please pay more attention to Xavier, will give you a surprise. Conclusion: precision machining choose Xavier is the escort of your product, let you don't have all the trouble back at home. Xavier precision machinery processing factory of six major advantage is that you choose our solid backing: 1, 15 years experience in Japanese cooperation; 2, the excellent team and perfect management system; 3, precision machining, precision of 0. 002mm; 4, strictly the quality guarantee, delivery artifacts all inspection; 5, adhering to the 'tao' culture idea; 6, the advisory service idea, help clients;
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