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by:Xavier      2020-03-24
In the field of mechanical processing, CNC machining, also known as computer gongs, belongs to the numerical control processing equipment. It obey the law of machining cutting, about equal to the processing technology of ordinary machine tools. Because of CNC machining center is to put the computer control technology applied to an automated processing equipment of mechanical processing, thus it has high machining efficiency, high precision, precision machinery parts processing technology in its own way, process is relatively complex, processing process to arrange more detailed and careful. CNC processing technology including the selection of cutting tool, the determination of cutting parameters and feeding process route design, etc. CNC computer gong core processing technology is the basis of the numerical control programming, only the process is reasonable, efficient and high quality to work out the nc program. Criteria for measuring process is: with minimal processing time, the minimum loss of cutting tool and work out the best effect of the process. CNC computer gongs machining process is part of the parts processing technology, even is a process. To interact with other process before and after processing, can satisfy the whole robot or finally automation equipment parts assembly requirements, so as to work out qualified parts. Computer gongs machining process can be divided into rough machining, rough machining, semi-finishing and finishing steps. , try to choose the larger in the rough machining knife in the machine power or tool can withstand the range as far as possible when using a larger cutting quickly removed a lot of workpiece materials. In order to prevent the rough machining of cutting vibration loose parts, should timely correction table examination after open coarse, necessary into the knife again. Can be carried out after rough machining datum finishing laser scalpel, prepare for school table after inspection. With complexity of precision mechanical product, due to large open thick with cutting tools, make the corner remnants of a large number of surplus, must use smaller than when rough machining tool for secondary open coarse or Angle. Processing area is larger, the same below in order to reduce the loss of cutting tool can be semi-finishing. Processing technology in order to prevent a cut above must leave enough margin, finally finishing process. In the process of precision machining, usually as far as possible on the machine tool inspection, qualified after remove the ready for the next thing for processing.
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