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Precision machining milling technology in the application of CNC machining

by:Xavier      2020-05-13
Precision machining milling technology in the application of CNC machining with the development of our economy, science and technology research and development more and more valued, machinery manufacturing industry occupies an important position in the whole national economy, and the metal cutting processing is the basic and reliable means of precision machining. In our country, the 'Yangtze river delta' and 'pearl river delta region is extremely important in the development of precision machining industry, occupying the proportion of domestic manufacturing is important. In the process of precision machining in CNC programming, the choice of cutting tool and cutting parameter determination of influence is also very important in the process of precision machining, it is not only a huge impact on the quality of processed parts, even can determine the efficacy of machine tool and the safety and efficiency in the process of production. So, when processing program, choose reasonable tool and cutting parameter, is the precondition for the preparation of high quality processing. Precision machining occupies very important position in the whole manufacturing industry development, and the precision cutting in CNC machining used in precision machining affect the quality of the product is crucial. Precision cutting technology in mechanical, electrical, electronic, medical and other modern industrial sector plays an important role. Applications in precision CNC machine tools in the choice of the cutting tool and cutting parameter determination will influence the quality of the workpiece. So should attach great importance to the planning of cutting tool selection, technological process and cutting parameter setting, tool selection and cutting dosage determined in nc machining is done in human-computer interaction conditions, this was in sharp contrast with common machine tool processing, also requires programming staff must master the tool selection and the basic principle of cutting parameter to determine, when programming in full consideration of the characteristics of nc machining, research master milling function of nc milling machining center. Shenzhen Xavier mechanical and electrical equipment of CNC machining center with the axial and radial head, can realize three coordinates linkage can improve the machining precision and surface quality of workpiece. In precision machining, precision machining of cutting tool is very active and very key factor.
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