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Precision machining method and advantage

by:Xavier      2020-05-13
Precision machining method and advantages of machinery manufacturing technology from two aspects of improving accuracy and productivity developed rapidly at the same time. In terms of productivity, improve the long countries committed to develop in the direction of the degree of automation. Precision parts processing, in recent years, from CNC to CIMS is developing rapidly, and have been applied within a certain range from improving the precision, from development to the ultra precision machining, precision machining this also stroll is committed to the direction of the development of the world's major developed countries. ( 1) Precision machining method based on the mechanism and characteristics of processing method, precision processing can be divided into cutting tool machining, abrasive machining and special processing and composite processing four categories. With the development of processing technology, the appearance of many new processing mechanism, so in precision parts processing, especially in micro machining, according to the component forming mechanism and characteristics. Divided into removal machining, combined and deformation processing three categories. Remove machining is also known as separation, is the use of force, heat, electricity, light from the workpiece processing methods, such as removing part of the material, such as cutting, grinding, machining, etc. Combining processing is the use of physical and chemical methods on the workpiece surface adhesion deposition, injection into a layer of different materials, welding, such as electroplating, vapor deposition, oxidation, carburization, bonding, welding, etc. Deformation processing is the use of force, heat, molecular motion of means to make the workpiece deformation, change the size, shape and performance, such as casting, forging, etc. Visible processing has transcended the removal of traditional processing method, the concept of accumulation, growth and deformation characteristics, at the same time stressed the surface treatment, the formed surface processing technology. ( 2) Precision machining technique and technology of the advantages of precision machining cutting work work compared with the housing process, machining first is that the advantages of both high material removal rate, and has a good economy compared with laser plasma processing technology that is so, for example, this is because the technology currently only can supply a lot of can achieve higher material removal rate, on the other hand, the size and the shape of the workpieces can achieve accuracy remaining problems. A chipless pressure processing is mainly used in mass production, often need to order after machining, in order to obtain the final qualified workpiece shape. So the mechanical processing of the main advantage is can make the workpiece to achieve a high precision. Precision machining is used widely, especially with development trend of small batch production, the workpiece shape and dimension precision demand is higher and higher, for precision machining opened up a new and more widely. Use natural want to undertake a variety of turning lathe processing, but also should pay attention to, drilling, milling, grinding and gear cutting process can be concentrated on a lathe, Process integration) Trend, which is now developed car milling machining center of compound machine tool processing method.
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