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Precision machining in the application of the mobile phone

by:Xavier      2020-07-10

mobile phones in our daily life occupied a very important position, is almost a hand phone, but you know what? Many parts of the cell phones are to rely on the precision machining, and these applications are more and more, so what are precision machining in the mobile phone manufacturing application?

apple mobile phones is currently the most popular brand, apple's body are generally aluminum alloy frame, and whether it is a 4 s, and later, 5 s, 6, 6 s are aluminum body, and the aluminum body is produced by precision CNC lathe precision machining. Almost all brands of aluminum alloy shell are made through precision machining, because this kind of shell is more beautiful than ordinary housing, smooth, resistance to fall off.

so only covers related to precision machining? Actually otherwise, there is very much the part that we can't see it also has an inseparable relationship with precision machining, such as the inside of the mobile phone is very small nut, because these nuts are customized according to demand of mobile phone manufacturers, there are few standards, and the accuracy requirement is very high, so almost all of them are depends on the precision machinery processing production, and the inside of the mobile phone pin needle, and many other parts are dependent on the precision machining.

so actually precision machining is close to a lot of things in our daily life, just we can't these laypeople attention, that is about & other; Precision machining in the application of mobile phone production & throughout; Are introduced, the hope can bring you some help, yingtan city specializing in the production of precision parts, welcome the masses of handset makers to figure proofing customization.

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