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Precision machining factory how to expand their business

by:Xavier      2020-05-30
Precision machinery processing factory precision machinery processing industry how to expand the business competition is escalating in recent years, many small businesses as well as the generation of processing workshop have withdrawn from the market stage, not leave unless it is already the transformation of innovation of enterprise, most are still struggling. In such an environment, precision machinery processing factory how to make the salesman looking for customers, to get a steady stream of orders, we need to give up the inherent thinking. First of all we need to change the traditional way of profit, before we are thirst for a benefactor, to a batch of large-scale, high-volume production orders, saturation period quickly let factory into production. Can do this, although can make plant rapid access to funds, but the saturation period unable to contact other customers, as well as their order, because you have no time, didn't also way production. Unless you want to support dead you, how much we to pick up, don't care about the delivery date is too long, customer experience is poor. But most of the companies hope to sustainable development, therefore, we can develop a few small scale, the next batch, but relatively profitable orders for customers, rely on the service, to keep the customer order to give enterprise to bring the fixed cash flow. Secondly, we thought, the traditional way of business will be able to have a foothold, stable. In fact, the traditional business channels blocked most outside tacit customer demand, they can't see us, find us, how to order us? Transformation, we must expand the Internet channel, blue ocean development network, brings invisible guests continuously for the enterprise. While this is not so easy to implement, but, for the sake of the development of the enterprise, as well as the progress of the society, step this step is not to be. Third, the service measures. The very abstract, but also understand every enterprise, but also the lack of many enterprises. How to maintain our customers, let them have a good experience, which is closely related to the corporate culture of an enterprise. And Xavier can for more than ten years of development, cannot leave the enterprise culture to instill the ideas, innovation, effectiveness, with good service every customer one-stop service system. This is precision machinery processing factory to expand a few points, it can give to the enterprise strong survival ability and a steady stream of vitality, promote enterprise vigorous development.
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