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Precision machining commonly used materials and instructions?

by:Xavier      2020-07-10
In general the commonly used material in 2 categories: precision machining metal material processing. Non-metallic materials processing ( Such as ceramics, plastics, etc. ) Hardness from big to small: stainless steel & gt; Cast iron & gt; Copper & gt; Speak several kinds of commonly used aluminum, hope useful to you: 1, 45 - — High quality carbon structural steel, carbon quenched and tempered steel is the most commonly used. Main features: the most commonly used in carbon quenched and tempered steel, good comprehensive mechanical properties, low hardenability, water quenching crack easily. Small pieces of appropriate USES conditioning treatment, large pieces of appropriate USES normalizing treatment. Application, for example: mainly used in the manufacture of high strength of moving parts, such as turbine impeller, the compressor piston. Shaft, worm gear, rack, etc. Weldments note preheating before welding, eliminating stress annealing after welding. 2、Q235A ( A3 steel) — — The most commonly used carbon structural steel. Main features: high plasticity, toughness and weldability, cold stamping performance, as well as a certain strength, good cold bending performance. Application, for example: widely used in the general requirements of parts and welding structure. Such as stress not pull rod, connecting rod, pin, shaft, screw, nut, ring, stand, stand, building structures, Bridges, etc. 3、40Cr— — One of the most widely used types of steel, alloy structural steel. Main features: after tempering treatment, has the good comprehensive mechanical properties, low temperature impact toughness, and low notch sensitivity, good hardenability, oil cooling can get higher fatigue strength, water-cooled complex shape parts easy to generate crack, plastic medium, cold bending tempered or quenched and tempered after cutting workability is good, but the weldability isn't good, easy to produce cracks, should be preheated to 100 ~ 150 ℃ before welding, generally used in the quenched and tempered state, also can undertake carbonitriding and high-frequency surface hardening treatment. Application, for example: after used in the manufacture of modified treatment weeken the speed, the load of the parts, such as gear, shaft, worm, spline shaft, thimble set, such as high frequency surface after quenching tempering and used in the manufacture of high surface hardness, wear resistance parts, such as gear, shaft, shaft, crankshaft, spindle, sleeve, pin, connecting rod, screw nut, inlet valve, etc. , after quenching and tempering temperature in the parts used in the manufacture of heavy, medium speed impact, such as oil pump rotor, slider, gear, shaft, sets of ring, etc. , used in the manufacture of reloading after quenching and low temperature tempering, low impact, wear-resistant parts, such as worm, such as main shaft, shaft, thimble, carbonitriding place namely after manufacture large size, high low-temperature impact toughness of the transmission parts, such as axle, gear, etc. 4,HT150 - — Gray cast iron used for example: gear housing, machine bed, cabinet, hydraulic cylinder, pump body, valve body, flywheel, cylinder head, pulley, bearing cover etc. 5, 35 - — A variety of standard parts, fasteners, main characteristics of commonly used materials: appropriate strength, plasticity is good, cold high plasticity, weldability is fair. Under the cold can be local upsetting and drawing. Low hardenability, normalizing and tempering after using application example: suitable for small section parts, can bear larger load parts: such as leveraged, connecting rod, crankshaft, shackle, etc. , all kinds of standard parts, fasteners, 6, 65 mn - — Commonly used spring steel application example: small size flat, round spring, seat cushion, spring, spring wind, also can make the spring ring, reed valve spring, clutch, brake spring, cold roll coil spring, spring, etc. 7、0Cr18Ni9— — The most commonly used stainless steel ( The steel grade 304, Japan steel grade SUS304) Characteristic and application: the most widely used as heat resistant stainless steel, such as the equipment used for food, general chemical equipment, the original on 8 to industrial equipment, Cr12 - — Common cold work die steel ( The United States steel grade D3, Japan steel grade SKD1) Characteristic and application: Cr12 steel is a kind of widely used cold work die steel, belong to high carbon high chromium type of ledeburite steel. The steel has good hardenability and good wear resistance; Because the Cr12 carbon steel up to 2. 3%, so low impact toughness, easy to brittle fracture, and easy to form uneven eutectic carbides; Cr12 steel has good wear resistance, much less used in the manufacture of impact load requirements of high wear resistance of the cold punching die, blanking die, cold heading die, punch, punch and die of cold extrusion mould, drill sets, gauge, wire drawing die, stamping die, thread rolling plate, deep drawing mould and powder metallurgy with cold pressing mould, etc. 9, DC53 - — Common cold work die steel imported from Japan characteristic and application: high strength cold work die steel toughness, Japanese datong special steel ( Plant) Manufacturer of steel grade. After high temperature tempering has high hardness, high toughness, excellent linear cutting. 9 for precision cold stamping die, drawing die, thread rolling die, cold blanking die, punch 10, SM45 - — Plain carbon plastic die steel ( Japan steel grade S45C) Address: / Shownews. asp吗? ID = 104
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