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Precision machinery processing factory fire at ordinary times should pay attention to the problem

by:Xavier      2020-07-10
Now the mechanical processing enterprises, in addition to processing car production, safety problems must be pay attention to, this is now all the companies are all very seriously more. Safety problem is divided into a lot of kinds, including fire safety is Paramount. This year the number of fire is less than normal. This shows that more and more people pay attention to fire, today we'll talk about precision machinery processing factory if fire at ordinary times, small make up to summarize several, everybody reference. 1. Precision machining workshop in building or at the beginning of the lease should choose construction, secondary refractory grade, and can no longer workshop building internal structures, other suggest, in particular, some simple construction of refractory. 2. Used at the time of the normal processing, oil cloth, cotton and other combustible materials. Should be focused on the metal cylinder with a cover ( Box) Every day, for processing. 3. The workshop wipe on machine tools such as gasoline, alcohol is strictly prohibited. After washing precision parts of leftover oil shall not be arbitrarily place, even to put to where a fire prevention facilities, should fall within the designated place of container, unified handling. 4. The workshop shall not store a lot of petrol. Engine oil, kerosene storage also shoulds not be more than one day dosage, are usually based on the need to obtain the required fuel every day. And in the covered steel drum. Such as large storage capacity, should set up a special storage room. Storage area shall not store any little fuel, and maintain good indoor ventilation, electrical switch should be installed in the outdoor distribution box. And maintenance and inspection of electrical appliances on a regular basis, we should try to be quite safe. 5. In the production workshop, must no smoking, it is very important, often a small cigarette butts can cause irreparable damage. If you smoke can be solved on smoking. 6. If needed in the workshop for flame cutting, welding and other operations, you should check the surrounding environment, clean up around the fuel, and fire-proof material to keep out near the machine. At the same time. Must specify the specialist is responsible for the observation and monitoring, and after the operation, still should check and eliminate the residual fire, don't be careless. 7. Electrical equipment must be regular inspection and maintenance of nc machine tools, found hidden danger must be ruled out in time, not with a fluke heart operation. Installation, dismantling, maintenance, debugging, water must be by a professional electrician in accordance with the procedures. All electrical equipment of metal shell should be reliable grounding. These are small make up according to the company employees in sort out the problems in the practice. Here is only part of, certainly not complete, up to you if you are interested in. This paper addresses: / shownews. asp吗? id = 81
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