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Precision machinery parts processing usually what heat treatment measures

by:Xavier      2020-05-01
Precision machinery parts processing usually adopt measures to which heat treatment process of 7075 aluminum alloy is widely used in aviation precision machinery parts processing, the material has high strength, low density and good thermal performance, etc. Its disadvantage is poor welding performance and fatigue resistance performance, in order to obtain high strength and high toughness, this material used in precision machinery parts processing must be carried out when the quenching process. 7075 aluminum alloy material from high temperature rapid quenching in the process of low temperature medium, there is a big of precision parts surface and the core of the temperature difference, which can produce bigger quenching residual stress, so get rid of stress in use process is quite necessary. 7075 aluminum alloy used in precision machinery spare parts processing, heat treatment, can be divided into rough machining and finish machining procedure to between rough finish machining process using of different heat treatment process to eliminate residual stress, the use of three coordinates testing sample after finishing flatness, compare the size of the macroscopic deformation, drilling method is used to sample the size of the internal residual stress were determined, compared the size of the micro stress value. In general, 7075 aluminum alloy precision machinery parts processing, heat treatment process to eliminate residual stress measures mainly include the following: 1. Go stress annealing: the purpose of annealing is to minimize the internal stress of metal production, reduce the tendency to stress corrosion of materials, guarantee the stability of the precision machinery parts processing after the size and the strength and hardness of basic does not decline. 2. Recrystallization annealing, the purpose is to refine the grain, fully eliminate the internal stress. 3. Homogenizing annealing: the essence of an atom diffusion process, the atom diffusion, the rapid dendritic segregation and disappear can make the material, so is usually known as diffusion annealing. 4. Stabilizing heat treatment: also known as the cyclic heat treatment, especially suitable for repeated use of precision components under different temperature and environment, and for precision mechanical parts processing dimensional accuracy is strictly required. Using the technique of precision machinery parts and components, its dimensional stability is very good. 5. Cryogenic treatment: the main purpose of the cryogenic treatment is to eliminate the quenching residual stress of aluminum alloy. Domestic existing by cryogenic treatment to eliminate the residual stress of study, 7075 aluminum alloy, the residual stress elimination rate can reach 85%. The above information is derived from the shenzhen Xavier precision components co. , LTD. , more products please click on the link to see http://www for details. 瓦乌。 cn/products_content- 1161597. html
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