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Precision machinery parts processing surface quality analysis and solutions

by:Xavier      2020-05-11
Precision machinery parts processing surface quality analysis and solutions in precision machining, there will be a lot of factors affect the surface quality of workpiece. In order to make the precision machinery parts processing workpiece surface quality meet the roughness requirements, reduce the influence of various factors on the workpiece surface quality, complete customer's drawing processing requirements. So we're going to prior to processing through the factors influencing the surface quality of precision machinery parts processing were analyzed, and solutions are put forward based on these factors. Precision parts processing surface quality refers to the parts after machining is micro machining surface roughness, is also called the roughness, the processed surface quality directly affect the physical, chemical and mechanical properties of work piece. After processing the finished product in its application in the field of work performance, reliability, life depends largely on the surface of the product quality. Through the understanding of mechanical parts processing surface quality, analysis in the process of machining various technological factors affecting the quality of processing surface, and improve the surface quality, improve product performance and to improve enterprise's core competitiveness has very important significance. Reasonable planning and process planning is the basis of guarantee the quality of the workpiece surface. Only made scientific and reasonable technical process, can meet the requirements for precision machinery parts processing surface quality to provide scientific and reasonable method, make the machining surface quality meet the requirements. Demand for scientific and rational process planning is short technological process, positioning accuracy, choose as far as possible when locating datum make locating datum and the design datum coincidence. The choice of rational cutting parameter is the key to ensure the quality of machining. Choice of rational cutting parameter can effectively inhibit the formation of the devolop tumor, reduce the theory of processing the height of the residual area, ensure the quality of machining surface. The selection of cutting parameters including cutting tool Angle of choice, the choice of cutting speed and cutting depth and feed speed, etc. Reasonable selection of cutting fluid is a necessary condition for the surface quality of precision machinery parts processing. Choosing reasonable cutting fluid can improve the coefficient of friction between workpiece and tool, can reduce the cutting force and cutting temperature, so as to reduce tool wear, to ensure the machining quality of workpiece. Artifacts are the main work surface for the final machining method selection is very important. Artifacts main end surface is very important to the choice of machining methods, processes in the work of surface residual stress will directly influence on the performance of the machine parts used. The above information from the http://www Xavier machinery plant. 瓦乌。 cn/products- 155088 - 0 - 0. html
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