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Precision machinery parts processing quality of the whole assembly

by:Xavier      2020-05-01
The influence of precision machinery parts processing quality of the whole assembly whatever machine, all is composed of parts, components and parts, etc. Shenzhen Xavier precision components co. , LTD focus on precision machinery parts processing for 16 years, we participate in the part of precision parts processing, so is the core component of a device, customers: we really nasty, want to customers think, to solve problems for customers. In accordance with the relevant technical requirements, will be combined into many parts, components and parts and combine them further referred to as the process of assembly. Precision parts is the smallest unit of equipment, the structure and manufacturability design is good or bad, affect the parts whether can smoothly processing, at the same time also affect the subsequent equipment assembly work. Maintenance have feasibility and economy at the same time, less material consumption, less labor input, high production efficiency, low production cost. The same parts, different design with different processing technology. Assembly is the final stage in the process of equipment manufacturing, in order to meet the technical requirements after the precision parts processing, assembly process not only is the combination of parts and components, should also include the adjustment, inspection, testing, painting and packing, etc. For assembly work, in order to ensure the effective parts of the machine can is divided into several independent assembly, known as the assembly unit, the whole machine should be able to split into several can separate assembly unit - Parts and assembly. Due to the assembly of parts and assembly units suitable for parallel operation and therefore can shorten the assembling period, and easy maintenance. Is eventually by assembling quality assure the quality of the machine, assembly process method to guarantee the quality of the machine has a very important role, if improper assembly, even though the precision machinery parts processing, may still appear unqualified products, on the contrary, even if the parts processing quality is not high, but when the assembly adopted suitable technological process, still can make the product meet the accuracy requirement. The requirements of assembly of parts molding process, the main is to make the assembly cycle the shortest, the least amount of labor and convenient operation easy to meet the assembly precision requirements, design the mechanical structure, simple and convenient assembly work must be considered, easy installation, mechanical design, to make the design of mechanical zero, division between components is easy to assemble and disassemble and do not remove, small amount of work and strive for assembly. The above information is derived from the precision parts processing factory Xavier company in shenzhen.
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