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Precision machinery parts processing, lathe operation safety procedures

by:Xavier      2020-05-12
Precision machinery parts processing operation safety procedures in the lathe lathe, also known as turning lathe, is a machining material is fixed on a rotating shaft of machine tool. Xavier precision machinery parts processing factory, with technical risk aversion, the operating personnel in the precision machining need to pay attention to what issues? The preparation of work: 1. Operators need to wear good clothes, wear a helmet and goggles, girls should be good to your hair, it is forbidden to wear gloves. 2. Check before start lathe lathe equipment are in good condition; 3 machine work before start working with preheating 4 using the tool should be in conformity with the specifications of the machine tools allow, have seriously damaged tool to change in time; Security considerations in the process of precision machining work 1, when the machine's operation, no measurement artifacts, are not allowed to use the hand to brake rotating chuck; Use sand paper, should be put on file, it is forbidden to wear gloves to use sand paper, sand paper torn is allowed to use, are not allowed to be used without handle file, not with positive and negative car brake switch, should the brake process in the middle. 2, processing the workpiece cutting amount according to the requirements of machine tool technology, lest cause an accident machine overload. 3, the processing cutting, when parking should be knife to exit. Shall be used for cutting long axial center frame, to prevent the workpiece bending deformation hurt; Into the bar of the head of a bed length less than vertical shaft of the head of a bed, and the local train, out of the protection should be paid attention to. 4, high speed cutting, shield, workpiece and tool fixed wants firm, when the iron splash seriously, should install baffle around the machine to that of the operating area isolation. 5, when the machine's operation, the operator can not leave the machine tool, hair view is abnormal machine, should stop immediately, please check the repair maintenance man. When all of a sudden power outage, immediately shut down the machine, and the cutting tool's withdrawal from the work area 6, work must be sideways to stand at the operating position, body is facing the turning workpiece is prohibited. Is abnormal lathe, have different sound or abnormal phenomenon, bearing temperature is exorbitant, should stop immediately, report related personnel. Work after the completion of the chip, do a good job cleaning, check, turn off the power and make registration. Shenzhen Xavier focus on tooling fixtures, non-standard precision machinery parts processing for 15 years, has a wealth of practical experience in precision machining and precipitation technology. Welcome to come to consult http://www. 瓦乌。 cn/
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