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Precision machinery parts processing is widely used in the automotive sector

by:Xavier      2020-05-30
Precision machinery parts processing is widely used in the automotive sector in the 21st century, our country economy development level and consumption level of rapid ascension, automobile consumption is growing year by year. In our daily life, the car has become our necessities, in the process of automobile manufacture, and mould parts processing in which occupies very important position, is used a lot of auto precision machinery parts processing manufacturing mold to finish, our country's automobile manufacturing industry need to lower the manufacturing cost to highlight its advantages. Most of car body stamping parts are covering parts, auto parts is to rely on the mold for batch processing, precision mould parts and mold manufacturing want to carefully assembled. With the development of the automobile production efficiency and automation, auto mould needed to increase, the development of the auto industry to the development of the corresponding. Is not only a automobile products, a lot of precision machinery parts processing under the social changing consumer demand, product update cycle becomes gradually is short, the faster the update frequency. According to this development trend, machinery processing enterprises set up a small batch and many varieties of production and processing mode. This mechanical parts processing material can adapt to the variability of the market demand, improve its share in the market. In recent years, the automobile manufacturing requirements in addition to the flexible manufacturing and rapid manufacturing, green manufacturing is referred to as the focus of the whole industry. But for a long time, most processing cutting fluid used in the production of waste liquid can produce pollution to the environment, increase the processing cost, damage the health of the operator. So be on the premise of cost reduction and green and efficient, complete improve processing efficiency as the focus of precision machinery parts processing manufacturer. Automobile industry in our country is in an unprecedented high speed development, auto industry has been referred to as the main body of machine tool consumption, small cars, energy conservation, environmental protection, new energy vehicles, etc. , auto manufacturing technology of ascension without the development of mechanical parts processing, http://www. 瓦乌。 cn/products- 155088 - 0 - 0. html
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