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Precision machinery parts processing, how to improve the efficiency of the use of CNC machine

by:Xavier      2020-05-13
Precision machinery parts processing, how to improve the efficiency of the use of nc machine tools in the precision machinery parts processing industry, high efficiency and high precision CNC machine tool application is more and more widely, more and more choice on the CNC machine processing molding parts. But unreasonable process will cause the enterprise manufacturing cost is high, aeriform in reducing the use of CNC machine efficiency, and the quality of manufactured products have influence, etc. Therefore, the system of a precision metal processing before process analysis is necessary. Mainly determine the clamping way, machining process and cutting parameter, cutting tool feeding trajectory, etc. Clamping note: precision machinery parts processing fashion clip should pay special attention to is that in order not to affect feeding and machining, when the clamping workpiece must open machining parts; Choosing jigs and fixtures should try to be, in a clamping precision parts need machining on the surface of all. Adopted by the tool of choice: CNC milling machine tool according to the processing of precision metal processing parts material, geometry, surface quality, heat treatment state, the cutting performance and machining allowance, etc. , choose good rigidity, high durability of cutting tools. Processing order and the determination of feed line: in fact is to determine the trajectory of tool motion, it is important to note that the procedure of processing does not influence the process of positioning and clamping; After advanced inline cavity machining process, machining process; In the same way of positioning, clamping or same processing process, the cutting tool is best for continuous, to reduce the number of repeat positioning and tool change times, at the same time installation of multi-channel processes, should be arranged to destroy smaller rigidity workpiece process. Reasonable selection of precision machinery parts processing feed line, not only can improve the efficiency of cutting, can also improve the surface precision of parts. When determining the feed line, should consider several aspects mainly: the first to ensure that the parts machining accuracy and surface roughness requirements, make feeding the shortest route. It can simplify the procedures section, and can reduce tool empty travel time, improve the efficiency of processing, should make the numerical calculation is simple, less the number of procedures, in order to reduce programming effort. The above information is derived from the shenzhen precision metal processing factory Xavier company. More products please click on the link to see http://www for details. 瓦乌。 cn/products- 155088 - 0 - 0. HTML product purchase link https://cfsshilihe. 1688. com/
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