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Precision machinery parts processing by many times the cutting degree of surface precision

by:Xavier      2020-05-12
Precision machinery parts processing by many times the cutting mention degree of surface precision Xavier company since purchased 6 units wedm, the scope of the work effect the efficiency and precision machinery parts processing got very big improvement. Solve the accuracy of precision mechanical parts for customers is our responsibility and obligation, and in the years of experience in precision machining, we found by cutting technology for many times, is wedm improve precision machinery parts processing precision and surface quality of the basic means, usually by cutting forming, for the first time the second cutting to improve the accuracy, more than a third of cutting to improve the surface quality. Many times in the process of cutting, cut with large pulse energy for the first time in order to obtain higher cutting speed, at this point on the surface of precision machinery parts processing quality does not make excessive demands; The second and third requires finishing cutting the gauge and subtle gauged by light, ideal for precision parts processing surface quality and machining precision. It's first request machine table must have higher accuracy and geometric accuracy and movement of the second requirement silking system must ensure the constant and stability of the wire electrode position in space, of course, in order to reach the goal of stable cutting many times, also must to improve the high frequency pulse power supply and the cutting process and so on carries on the system research for many times. Workbench motion precision can be repeatedly cut along the repeated migration trajectory premise, is to improve the precision machinery parts processing precision and improve surface quality of protection. Have certain rigidity, wire electrode after the idler pulley with location actually presents the arc shape, there exist deviations in its common tangent with upper and lower guide roller, the size of the deviation will change with the change of the wire electrode tension. In the process of precision machinery parts processing, due to the wire electrode tension is in a state of instability, so the silking system must be carried out on the wire electrode tension control. At the same time, the wire electrode using roller position, because of the idler pulley half open positioning system, when the wire electrode cutting because of the effect of explosive force caused by discharge its exist difference between positioning in all directions. Therefore, in order to ensure the stability of the wire electrode in the process of space position, walking wire system must increase electrode wire guide. Higher cutting speed is the precondition of multiple cutting practical for the first time. Multiple cutting average cutting speed and the surface quality and by reducing the discharge energy after the result of the first cutting, although can through times of cutting precision machinery parts processing precision correction, but repeatedly cut demand for equipment and personnel quality is higher, risk is bigger also, empty of the first cutting broken wires or caused by the discharge energy increases several times due to the unstable state of cutting cutting the workpiece scrapped. Practice has proved that when using the oil composition of composite working liquid less cutting, machining stability, cut thick ability, the probability of wire-breaking, fine machining surface roughness index has improved greatly such as http://www. 瓦乌。 cn/products- 155088 - 0 - 0. html
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