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Precision machinery parts processing and assembly process research

by:Xavier      2020-05-12
Precision machinery parts processing and assembly process research on any machine in the precision machinery parts processing equipment is inseparable from the elements such as parts, components, parts and is composed of them, according to the provisions in the precision machinery parts processing technical requirements, will be a number of parts assembled into the components and parts, and further to parts, components and parts, machine assembly is the process by which, the former is called parts assembly, the latter is called the total assembly. Of the parts are the basic unit of the machine, it is made of metal or other materials. Put some parts on a benchmark parts, components, kits, parts will be the whole machine. Technology itself should have good working precision components, can easily meet the design requirements. The structure of the machine assembly technology structure of precision machinery parts processing manufaturability and components, the whole production process of the machine has a great influence, is also one of the evaluation index of machine design. The structure of the machine assembly process to a certain extent determines the cycle length of the assembly process, the size of the labor, the cost is high and low, and machine use quality fit and unfit quality, etc. Assembly is at the back of the stage in the process of machine manufacturing. In order to make our products meet the technical requirements, not only refers to the combination of the parts and components assembly process, should also include the adjustment, inspection, testing, painting and packing, etc. The quality of the machine is by assembling the whole precision machinery spare parts, to assure the quality of the assembly process method to guarantee the quality of the machine has a very important role. If improper assembly, machining quality, high even if still possible unqualified products. Overall, pay attention to the positioning base assembly parts, parts itself should have a good precision machinery parts processing craft, can meet the design requirements, easy to shorten the processing cycle, reduce the processing cost of assembling technology mechanical processing manufaturability and components. The structure of precision machinery parts processing and fabrication procedure optimization design, to meet the needs of processing and manufacturing feasibility, economy, reduce workers improve production efficiency, http://www. 瓦乌。 cn/products- 155089 - 195992 - 0. html
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