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Precision machinery parts processing analysis of choosing the numerical control milling machine processing process

by:Xavier      2020-05-11
Precision machinery parts processing analysis of choosing the numerical control milling machine processing process in the precision machinery processing enterprises, our processing precision parts, which link needed to be used in the CNC milling machine? Tell you Xavier15 years precision machinery parts processing experience. When choosing the numerical control milling machine processing precision parts, should give full play to the advantages of CNC milling machine and the function. Select the precision machining of content mainly has: artifacts on the curve contour, special list is a circular curve and curve and curve contour; The space curved surface; For complex shape, size is various, marking and testing difficulties of precision machinery parts processing parts; When using a universal milling machine is difficult to observe, measure and control the feeding groove inside and outside; To coordinate the high precision hole size and etc. In an installation by simple surface milling or shape; Precision machinery parts processing adopts CNC milling method, can improve productivity, multiplied greatly reduce labor intensity of precision processing enterprises general processing content. In our precision machinery processing enterprises to provide drawings, should first analyze the components of the pattern, and analysis should mainly consider the following questions: 1. Correct labeling pattern size precision machinery parts: due to the processing procedure is compiled by the coordinates of the point accurately, therefore, relationship between graphics geometry elements ( Such as tangent, intersection, vertical and parallel, etc. ) Should be clear, the condition of various geometry elements to fully, should not cause contradictory redundant dimension of the closed dimension or process arrangement, etc. Parts, for example, in the milling cutter, the same with the same cutting tool radius compensation value programming processing, because of the precision machinery parts processing outline various size tolerance zone is different, it is difficult to ensure all dimensions within the scope of the size tolerance, then the general approach is to, various size of pr, give attention to two or morethings in programming calculation, change the outline size and move the tolerance zone, symmetric tolerance instead, using the same milling cutter machining cutting tool radius compensation and the same values. 2. A precision mechanical parts on the wall through the size of the arc radius size and consistency, affecting the processing capacity, processing quality and the number of tool change, etc. Therefore, try to be reasonable transfer arc radius size, radius size as consistent as possible, at least to radius size group, in order to improve the milling process. 3. Some precision machinery parts processing needs to be in the side after milling, then reinstall the other side milling, therefore, adopts unified benchmark location as much as possible. Precision parts shall have the right bore as positioning reference, if there are no benchmark holes on parts, can increase the process on blank convex platform or in the subsequent process of milling to allowance benchmark hole is set on http://www. 瓦乌。 cn/products- 155088 - 0 - 0. html
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