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Precision machinery parts processing allowance for the rationality of the layout

by:Xavier      2020-05-12
Precision machinery parts processing allowance for the rationality of the layout in the process of precision machinery parts processing, in order to produce the required shape and qualified mechanical parts, we have to go through all sorts of machine tool equipment to remove the surface excess metal from the obtained blank thickness, usually referred to as the machining allowance. General can be divided into procedure surplus and total surplus. In precision machinery parts processing, we usually contain more than one process to complete, so can't one-time processing to drawing the size of the mark, but at a certain process, we need to remove the surface layer of metal thickness, often called the machining allowance of process, from the machining process of blank to the finished product of total need resection margin is a total surplus, it is equal to the corresponding precision machinery parts processing surface processes all the sum of machining allowance. We must be reasonable allowance to each working procedure, and gradually improve the quality and effectiveness of the precision machinery parts processing, we know that each working procedure size and final quality of the precision parts machining allowance and the production efficiency is closely linked, can even greatly influence on it. Generally is the machining allowance, the greater the labor work, the greater the mechanical processing, labor productivity also greatly reduced, and with the increase of machining allowance, precision machinery parts processing required in the process of materials and tools will be greatly increased, virtually has greatly increased the mechanical parts processing costs and the cost of production, to the enterprise production efficiency and economic benefits has brought very serious impact. If the smaller precision machining allowance, can not eliminate in the process of each working procedure processing before clamping error, don't try to compensate the clamping error in the process of machining, which makes the precision machining to produce a waste, so, in the process of machining, we must try to ensure the quality of precision machinery parts processing, on the basis of reduce machining allowance as far as possible. Under normal circumstances, the more precision machinery processing, its machining allowance is the smaller, conversely.
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