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Precision machinery parts processing advantage analysis of fifteen years

by:Xavier      2020-05-28
15 years of precision machinery parts processing advantage analysis in precision machinery parts processing, processing enterprises to guarantee the quality of products under the premise of can adopt different design scheme to implement, and different technology options used by equipment and processing methods will also be different. So can also lead to precision machinery parts processing workload and cost difference. In pursuit of a better economic efficiency, improve the production efficiency of enterprises, to evade the risk of product, improve product quality, reduce customer budget, compiling process, need to consider the design in accordance with the technical conditions of the customer's requirements, requirements, and an effective process for better solution. In order to solve customer problems, department of engineering technology was carried out on the process of analysis, can be roughly divided into two aspects: the general analysis of the technical requirements and the analysis of the process cost. Process cost of concrete analysis is the key of the weigh the technical and economic effect, the engineer on the complex calculation and optimization of the cost, can be set. How to calculate the cost of technology in precision machinery parts processing factory? Process cost is not refers to the actual cost of processed products, but the costs and expenses relating to this process. A: the workers' wages, fixture, cutting tools, etc. Second, factory equipment depreciation cost, expenses, the enterprise management fees, etc. So in Xavier precision machining in 15 years, sum up experience, analyzing the precondition of precision machining, to ensure the quality of the product, artifacts, all inspection, optimization process, improve the efficiency of production, improve working conditions and promote the development of production technology. On average, in the process of precision machinery parts processing, to implement the program of two or more, combined with the advantage of enterprise oneself, then contrast analysis conclusion, so as to achieve a better combination of products and economic benefits. In this paper, from shenzhen Xavier precision components co. , LTD. , for more information please click on the link to see http://www. 瓦乌。 cn/dgweb_content- 899770. html
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