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Precision machinery parts processing

by:Xavier      2020-05-11
Attention precision machinery parts processing precision machinery parts in our daily life application although not common, but is a important role in the process of industrial production. In fact now of precision machinery parts processing precision demand is higher and higher, because of its corresponding more and more important role. Precision machinery parts processing can satisfy in its application in the field of production efficiency, and so on, so in the process of precision machinery parts processing what we need to notice? First of all, precision machining requirements of technical personnel is on the first, in the process of precision machinery parts processing, should pay attention to the management of processing workshop personnel, operation personnel to develop and implement the basic standards. Such as operating personnel before starting the job need to check their clothing accessories, because the operation risk is higher, so in practice should have relevant protective clothing, avoid wearing slippers, and so on, if the hair is longer suggestion is put on the helmet. If without a shield, isolation measures of high speed machining equipment, the operators shall not wear gloves to precision machinery parts processing. Staff in the operation process down the premise of safety guarantee the production efficiency. In the process of machining equipment operation also need to add lubricant, early check the clutch and brake, and so on equipment whether can normal use. Inspection equipment is operating before each operator steps need to be, because in the operation of precision machinery can produce very large kinetic energy, if something goes wrong in the prophase preparation, for mechanical damage to itself is very big. What are the requirements for precision parts processing such problem, and there's a point need to be aware of, in the process of precision machinery parts processing to keep a certain distance of mechanical processing equipment, and can't head hands touching work area, take the artifact to standard operation, accurate tool if machinery have appeared in the process of operation noise or machine failure situation, to break the power to inspect in time, not only guaranteed on production safety, and to ensure security and stability in the process of machining efficiency. In this paper, from the shenzhen Xavier precision components co. , LTD. , http://www. 瓦乌。 cn
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