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Precision machinery parts milling machine tool error control method

by:Xavier      2020-05-10
Precision machinery parts milling machine tool error control method in precision machinery processing enterprises, the machining is turning tool, milling cutter, cutter, drill, tap and other tools for cutting precision machinery parts processing, and processed into the required size, shape and finish a processing method. On milling machine milling is a kind of metal removal by milling cutter machining form, due to its high efficiency and can realize multi-axis linkage function, become the indispensable mechanical processing method, is one of the more common forms of metal cutting processing. Machining can directly put the raw materials processed into precision parts, used as process before grinding, grinding process. In recent years, with the development of the productive forces of science and technology, cutting tool and cutting machine has a great progress, so the machining precision of precision machinery parts processing of the final link is widely used. In the case of accuracy is not high, the milling is often as the last procedure before products forming, on the layout, milling machine can be divided into horizontal and vertical two kinds: according to different use milling cutter, milling and face milling and circle two forms, generally speaking, the milling machine must have three or more axes ( Coordinates) , modern milling pin processing center can also realize five coordinate linkage function. Precision machine tool performance is one of the important indicators, the parameters of the significant impact on all the execution machine tool, including rapid action, energy efficiency, the metal consumption, reliability and life expectancy, to a large extent, finished the precision of the machine tool determines the accuracy of precision machinery parts processing. To improve precision machining parts, usually adopt two kinds of measures to reduce the machining error, is a kind of error prevention measures, through improve the manufacturing precision of the machine tool, and ensure the stability of the processing environment to reduce error and error source, thus reducing the output of the error; Another kind is error compensation measures, is to eliminate or offset the influence of the error itself. To error compensation, first analysis must be carried out on the machine tool precision, because can drawn through the analysis of the precision machine tool space error of machine tool, according to the machine tool error value of an arbitrary point in space, the compensation technology for machine tool processing system to carry on the elaboration, so as to realize the precise control of the machine tool coordinate axis, improve the processing precision of parts, with check we can also, according to the machining precision of parts is to design can meet the precision requirement of machine tools. Nc machine tools modeling also calls the kinematics modeling accuracy, is based on the error related to the machine on each pair of ingredients, using synthetic method to estimate the cutting tool relative to the position and orientation error of precision machinery parts processing. As the machine tool structure and the complicated parts processing form, the error of the machine tool motion pair through exercise transfer function to the cutting tool and parts in the relative position of relationship, and this kind of error transfer is not equivalent to pass commonly, therefore must establish the appropriate mathematical model to describe the relationship between the error transfer http://www. 瓦乌。 cn/products- 155088 - 0 - 0. html
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