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Precision machinery parts factory field trip

by:Xavier      2020-05-10
Precision machinery parts factory on-the-spot investigation since 2003 founded the company, Xavier cooperated clients involved in many areas, precision machinery parts processing areas involved are many, many customers have proposed a variety of technical requirements, Xavier in the process of customer service, customer service and processing precision parts technology experience also tend to be more mature, operation management is also improved. At Xavier services in domestic and foreign enterprises, the world top 500 enterprises of science and technology research and development of all kinds enterprise, all praised Xavier's quality and service. So in precision machinery parts processing, how to let the customer choose to better quality, better supplier? Of demand for customers looking for suppliers, it is roughly divided into two kinds of channels: mechanical processing industry platform for manufacturers, offline field trip. Online information screening, convenient access to information, but also exist uncertainty. Offline fieldwork, can in honest partners face to face, so in the field of precision parts processing factory need to pay attention to what? To visit the factory the size of the processing equipment is complete, the test equipment is perfect, accurate, technical personnel configuration, experience, efficiency, process planning, and so on. From these aspects can be basic insight into the ability of the enterprise, and supplier operations management and service is the necessary follow-up cooperation. Product delivery, technical requirements, specifications, process, delivery ways, as these are the basis of cooperation, make suppliers understand customer demand, customers get more satisfactory service. This article focus from 15 years tooling clip fixture, precision machinery parts processing Xavierhttp: / / WWW. 瓦乌。 cn/
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