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Precision die parts processing of common aluminum alloy material

by:Xavier      2020-05-10
Precision die parts processing of common analytical aluminum alloy has the suitable mechanical properties of aluminum alloy material, the proportion of small, good corrosion resistance and good manufacturability. Aluminum alloy in desolventizing decomposition when only a small volume change, so it has high size stability, and surface treatment of flexible, in the manufacture of precision die parts processing application is very broad. In aviation, electronics, optics, medical equipment in areas such as mechanical and shape of the aluminum alloy parts with complex, elements, and high precision. High dimensional accuracy, shape and location tolerance of precision. Aluminum alloy material and the characteristics of things place for allowance is large, complex structure of aluminum alloy material is blank bar or thick plate, after machining area for most of the cut, and cutting parameter in precision machining of precision metal parts processing deformation caused by the general assembly, so attention should be paid to in the process of precision mold processing accessories designated for cutting parameter. Why is there the deformation and stress of the problem? Residual stress, a stress for the initial involvement, the other is the machining residual stress. The former is the relative balance of internal stress existing in the blank, as part of the material after cutting the original stress balance is broken, so lead to deformation of parts. The initial residual stress is one of the important factors affecting complex aluminum alloy parts processing. The latter can by adjusting the process parameters to reduce the influence of residual stress. The accuracy of precision mechanical parts and structure determines the processing conditions of the aluminum alloy parts processing is needed, so the precision die parts processing machine tools need to be a collection of high accuracy, good stability and precision of rotating shaft can better meet the requirements of shape tolerance. Machining deformation is the main difficult problem which complex aluminum alloy parts processing, so want to design the process route, pay attention to the first deformation after machining principle, by setting reasonable technology route, the selection of a suitable process parameters and process equipment in high precision nc machine tools on the reasonable precision machining. More precision mold fittings please click the link for http://www. 瓦乌。 cn/products- 155089 - 195992 - 0. html
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