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Precision CNC processing requirement for material _ precision machinery parts processing

by:Xavier      2020-03-25
What are the regulations on precision machining for material? High precision machining, what material is not able to carry out high precision machining, some material hardness is very big, is beyond the machining parts hardness, collapse will take part, so this kind of material is not suitable for precision machining, it is part of the materials, unique or optical fiber laser cutting. For precision machining material into two categories, the metal material material and nonmetal material. For the material of metal materials, hardness of stainless steel plate is bigger, second is pig iron, second is copper, finally is aluminum. And porcelain, processing is bound to nonmetal material such as plastic material processing. To precision machining of stainless steel plate material 1, the first is the provisions on the material hardness, for some places, the material is the higher the hardness is higher, only limited to machining parts hardness rules, processing of materials is not hard, if than parts also is can't processing. 2, second, material is qualitative soft hard moderate, minimum level of low hardness than part a, also depends on the effect of processing components of what is, use of effective material parts. In other words, the precision machining of the provisions of the material has some, what material is not suitable for processing, such as the material is too soft or too hard, one is not in front of the processing required, and behind a kind of can't processing. Therefore, the most fundamental one is to say, be sure to keep an eye on the relative density of material before processing, if the relative density is very big, is equal to the hardness also pretty great, and the hardness if you exceed parts ( Lathe turning tool) Hardness, that is to say can't processing, will not only damage parts, can also lead to the risk, such as milling cutter slides out to death. Therefore, in general, for professional processing machinery, material less than the hardness of the machine tool, it can be processed.
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