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Precision CNC machining tool wear and error _ precision CNC processing plants

by:Xavier      2020-04-09
Machining tool manufacturing error and wear? Machining of spatial layout is must comply with certain standards, what about its tool manufacturing error and wear? We can see the following description: 1, the specification tool ( Such as twist drill, milling cutter, keyway milling cutter and round broach, etc. ) Precision of the specifications of the harm of the specifications of the steel precision immediately. 2, forming cutting tools ( Such as forming milling cutter, forming tool, forming sand round piece, etc. ) The appearance of precision will be harm to the appearance of the steel precision immediately. 3, generating tool ( Such as gear hob, spline hob and gear shaper cutter, etc. ) Like the edge of error may do harm to the appearance of the production and processing surface accuracy. 4, general tool ( Such as milling cutter, boring cutter, tool) , its manufacturing precision no immediate harm to production and processing precision, but the tool is easy to wear. Machining of cutting tool manufacturing what error and wear of mechanical processing process specification design principle: 1, the processing technology of the design specification shall ensure that the equipment spare parts production and processing quality ( The assembly line quality or equipment) , sample design requirements of all kinds of technical standards on the drawing. 2, should take the whole process processing technology have higher productivity, make the goods on our market at the earliest possible date. 3, look for ways to reduce manufacturing costs. 4, pay attention to alleviate the worker's labor efficiency, ensure safety in production. Mechanical processing application areas: 1, all kinds of metal parts processing; 2, metal components, sheet metal parts, shell; 3, titanium, nickel base alloy, non-metallic materials such as mechanical processing; 4, wind tunnel combustor design manufacturing; 5, non-standard equipment design manufacturing; 6, stamping mould manufacturing. The above is about mechanical processing what the contents of the error and the wear of tools manufacture, can give you our users, we are looking forward to your help. 7, the forced deformation process system error. One is the rigidity of workpiece. Process in the system if the rigidity workpiece relative to machine tool, cutting tool, jig is lower, the cutting force, under the action of artifacts caused by insufficient rigidity and deformation effects on machining precision is large. Second, the cutting tool rigidity. Cylindrical turning tool on the machining surface normal direction stiffness is large, its deformation can be ignored. Boring and smaller inner hole diameter, tool rod stiffness is very poor, tool rod stress deformation has a great influence on the machining accuracy is. Three is rigidity of machine tool parts. Machine tool parts is composed of many parts, machine tool parts stiffness so far there is no suitable simplified calculation method, the current is still mainly used experimental method to determine rigidity of machine tool parts. 8, adjust error. In machining of every working procedure, always on the process system to adjust the work of one kind or another. Due to the adjustment could not be absolutely accurate, making adjustment error. In the process system, workpiece and tool based on the location of each other in the machine tool accuracy, is by adjusting the machine tool, cutting tool, jig or artifacts to guarantee. When the machine tool, cutting tool, fixture and workpiece blank the original precision meet the process requirements without considering dynamic factors, the effect of adjusting error, play a decisive role on the machining accuracy. In mechanical processing, parts of dimension, geometry and the formation of the relative position between the surface, mainly depends on the workpiece and cutting tool in cutting movement in the process of mutual relations; The workpiece and tool, is installed on the fixture and machine tool, and the restraint of fixture and machine tool. Therefore, in the mechanical processing, machine tool, fixture, cutting tool and workpiece is constituted a complete system, called process system. Parts processing precision of the problem is essentially the accuracy of the whole process system.
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