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Precision CNC machining is according to the quotation? _ precision CNC processing plants

by:Xavier      2020-03-29
Precision CNC machining is according to the quotation? Here, we have to mention, precision CNC processing factory offer engineers, their daily work is responsible for the customer to figure or processing requirements to evaluate the price. Often as precision CNC parts processing factory offer engineers need many years of industry experience, to parts processing procedures and drawing a set of processing technology process needs to be very understanding and many years of experience in the industry, should be in about an hour to 4 hours to evaluate precision parts processing for the customer quotation. Offer engineers need to know all the departments and docking communication: CNC processing factory needs and business docking, business reception customer, the customer to figure processing, then offer engineering needs to carefully watch the customer processing, to assess the quotation again, sometimes customers often no drawings, directly to the sample parts. This test also offer engineers drawing and the precision parts processing cost and profit ability to grasp. Offer engineers need to plan the best processing scheme, coupled with precision parts processing through a variety of craft process, you need to adjust the order of cost and profit, then the order quotation approved by the business manager, they offer, offer engineers to send quotation and technology process list to the customer. Thus offer engineer, a set of processes the human cost is hard, previous peer friends, such as is not the purpose of holding the cooperation don't work more for our quotation engineers, offer is very need time and energy, hope you understand! Do precision parts processing more than ten years, our factory is rich in case products, precision parts processing precision and we are committed to quality assured.
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