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Precision CNC machining CNC processing technology standard _ precision machining factory

by:Xavier      2020-04-09
The processing technology of the CNC production and processing specification is how? Below is the CNC operating machine and CNC drawing audit senior engineer in detail: at the edge of the lathe, using steel rotating fitness and CNC blade of uniform motion in a straight line or curve movement to change the appearance and size of hair embryo, production and processing it in accordance with the provisions of the engineering drawings. 1, because the manufacture level of ascension, the price of the CNC lathe continues to reduce. Key has a high precision drilling, CNC processing mirror glass cutting and grinding, etc. CNC production and processing of the main precondition is the accuracy of its processing base and mechanical drawings on benchmark is all in English capital letters A, B, C, D, etc with A special call of benchmark symbol expression. When the benchmark symbols, pointing to the surface and the boundary extension line or the plane size, the expression to the surface as a benchmark. When the benchmark sign points to the line size, express to the dimensioning of solid line axis as a benchmark. The processing technology of precise referred to in front of you is one of the more ambiguous point. 2, assembly benchmark, when referring to the assembly line is used to clear parts precision parts in the component or commodity. Accurate measurement benchmark, refers to the parts inspection, to accurately measure the size of the production and processing surface and parts of the specification. Accurate positioning base, refers to the production and processing, steel in the numerical control lathe and jig for accurate positioning in the benchmark. 3, CNC processing technology of production and processing benchmark is to ensure that the production of spare parts for the product quality and condition. People Jin Jiali electromechanical co. , LTD is specializing in the production of manufacturing metal non-standard parts, ¢0. 5 - ¢20 mm stainless steel plate, titanium, aluminum and other metal materials of high precision parts manufacturing for many years of technical existing sink. 4, when selecting cutting tools, to make the size of the cutter and the surface of the processed workpiece size and shape. Production, surrounding the plane parts contour machining, often using vertical milling cutter. When milling flat, choose the carbide blade milling cutter; Processing and convex sets, grooves, select HSS end mill; Rough surface or rough machining the hole, the optional carbide tipped corn milling cutter. 5, choosing end mill processing, the related parameters of cutting tool, recommend the selection according to the empirical data. Surface processing is often a ball milling cutter head, but the processing surface is flat parts, tool at the top of the ball head cutting, cutting condition is bad, and therefore should be used in circular knife. In single or small batch production, to replace the multi-axis linkage machine, cylindrical or conical cutter is often used to some variable Angle parts processing plane and insert disc cutter, suitable for in five coordinate linkage CNC machine processing some sphere, its efficiency is higher than a ball milling cutter head nearly 10 times, and can achieve good precision.
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