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Polishing paste and sand paper in the use of metal polishing skills

by:Xavier      2020-11-05
Use those tools for polishing depends on the degree to which you need polishing. A mirror need to polishing liquid ( Or polishing paste) More than + 2000 mesh waterproof abrasive paper + polisher is useful, be short of one cannot; If simply polishing, with the largest use of 1200 ~ 1000 mesh ordinary sandpaper or waterproof abrasive paper in plane polishing. ( Above is only for metal polishing, does not apply to plastic polishing) Use sand paper polishing is simple in accordance with the mesh beginning komoku sand paper mill to the mesh sandpaper. In general, if the metal surface is smooth, can start over 600 mill, if it is not very smooth, can start with 400 or 200. Sandpaper with dry sand paper ( General sandpaper) And wet sand paper ( Commonly known as waterproof abrasive paper) , 2 it is usually more than 1000 wet sand paper is the need to match abrasives, two have between 600 ~ 1000, 600, the following are almost dry sand paper. Water sand paper and water lapping, the effect is not paste to the effective, if just add water hand rubbing in general to 1200 ~ 1500 is enough, not too fine already see again. Interlacing way grinding grinding way is 90 degrees, about 600 mesh sandpaper is grinding, for example, is 800 mesh is ground up and down, if use similar ink grinding can cause too much scratching. Platform is the best choice of glass as grinding platform, because the flat is the most hard, if there is no glass can also be leveling, but the effect will be discount. If you need to mirror polishing, you will need to follow the steps below to: ( Manual) 600→800→1000→1200→1500( Grinding machine) - 2000-2500-4000 - polishing cloth ( 6Micron) (-> polishing cloth 3Micron) - polishing cloth mesh remember correctly represent each 1 inch between the number of particles, the larger the particle, the more fine. 1200 only after adding water, nothing special, the effect of particle size is 21 to micron 1200 purpose, generally grinding fluid particles is from 25 micron began to decline, so tie-in grinding fluid ( Polishing paste) Effect will come out, if just add water to 1000 or 1200 is OK. Effect of grinding machine is the fastest, best and can be polished to more than 2000 mesh into a bright mirror, by manpower is very difficult to achieve, finally can also be used polishing cloth polishing bronze mirror. Your sand paper is durable degree is high, does not open any curl. Coarse sand paper to buy a piece of with respect to OK, fine sand paper ( More than 600) The circumstances can buy 2 ~ 3, thick is more wear-resisting, so one can grind for a long time, but thin will soon consume. To note is too fine sand paper ( More than 1000) Try to avoid not to hand to touch the surface, because the hand will use sand paper. Because to cope with a variety of materials and get fast polishing paste is not very fine particles, fine grinding special-purpose grinding paste to compare ( But it takes long time grinding) 。 Good is easy to use and low liquidity ( Paste) , especially useful in the curved or irregular surface, some polishing paste have add reducing agent, can make the rusty surface derusting, or add rust rustproof, this also is pure abrasives. In fact are used every day in our 'toothpaste' is simply a is non-toxic polishing paste ( Irregular grinding teeth surface) , add the particle conversion into sand paper mesh is about 600 or so ( Also some differences between different brands) 。 Becomes the toothpaste. If you cannot find professional polishing machine, has nothing to do! Electric grinding wheel used with polishing paste parts of wool, can also throw good effect, the setting is a mirror. Note, however, when the polishing paste dries, grinding strength will be lighter. Because of polishing paste will gradually become dry, so oneself to observe and feel, in general, is lighter gradually.
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